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Springtime Shop Update!

0 Ish Good!

nemu*nemu Volume 2 + the Art of nemu*nemu + Stuffed Plushies Anpan & Nemu + 10 Brand New Pins All On Sale NOW!

We thought about holding them for sale post-conventions, but decided it was time to put all our items up for sale. All of our items are available on a first-come-first served basis. We will do our best to replenish our stock as soon as Kawaii Kon and the JCCH's Kodomo no Hi event are done, but if your item is out of stock, you may have to wait a few weeks as we have them printed.

Mascot Pups

If you plan to attend Fanime in May and are interested in any items in particular, please contact us via e-mail or our or feedback form! In the very least, we can make sure those items are available for you when you visit our booth.

On to our items!

Our pups are roughly 7" seated, made of soft plush material! They both come with their distinctive scarves which can be easily removed. Their eyes are and mouths are embroidered on while their paw pads are a felt-like material and securely stitched in place.

We also have brand new pins, infant-sized fleece hats (best for up to age 2), artist-edition books, and of course, our shirts available in our updated shop!

("Artist-editions" are priced higher than standard editions as I will do a sketch of your preferred character in your purchased book. In the Paypal checkout window, be sure to click on (+Additional Notes) and insert your character of choice there. If you would prefer a blank copy at our standard book rate, we highly recommend purchasing directly from IndyPlanet at this time!)

Please note that our current stock of last year's designs shirts are very limited and once they have sold out, they will not be reprinted!

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3 Replies

  • Julie

    Bah! Tis ashame the shipping doesn't work out for me, I'd love to buy some merch. Ah well. Shame the books aren't downloadable either as that would be so good for me. Either way I'm still be a nemu*nemu fan ^_^

  • kitsy

    Julie: I'm so sorry about the shipping as well... Aside from shipping in separate packages to fly under the customs radar, I'm not sure just what to do. T___T; Darn international post! >_<;;

  • Julie

    Lol, I know, evil international post! Grrr!

    Its not your fault, its the evil organisations fault :p

    I'm enjoying all your blog entries, most especially the behind the scenes and tutorials and such like. I love the youtube video, very cool. And of course your flickr is da bomb ^^