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Kawaii Kon 2008 Aftermath Part II

0 Ish Good!

It's been a crazy week of catch-up and KS has been out sick post convention. We're in the process of gearing up for the JCCH Kodomo no Hi Fair on Sunday. (No rest for the weary!)

But just to finish up on some awesome things from Kawaii Kon 2008:

KK08-Jazzy.jpg Typically, Kawaii Kon is a rather small event, still under the 4000 attendee mark, but slowly growing. This year, it seemed the plugs in the local papers went far and wide!

Case and point, a family was on vacation/business here in Hawaii from California and found out about the convention through the local papers. Curious, they came to check out the convention, not sure what to expect. Father and daughter stopped by our booth in the dealer's room and picked up a book. In short, they came back the next day to thank us and the daughter, Jazzy handed me fan art she drew of Nemu and Anpan after reading our comic!

(;o;) -! I was so touched!

Her father said that our comic has become her new favorite book and she had read it at least 3 times since picking it up the day before. :D

Here are better scans of her drawings! (For a 9-year-old, she has a LOT of talent! :D)

FA08-Jazzy1.jpg FA08-Jazzy2.jpg
Anpan & Nemu - Jazzy Style!

KK-Anngift-2.jpgAlso, on Saturday, one of the fans we made last year, Ann stopped by to pick up our latest volume and personally hand me a small wrapped bauble! Inside was this cute handmade glass charm of Halloween kitties and candy corn! :D

Short story - KS and I had bumped into Ann a couple times since the last Kawaii Kon, the last time was during my hair appointment prior to our Halloween wedding last year! My mom recognized her while I was getting my hair done and nudged me to go and say hello and we chatted for a short time. :D

So I was so surprised to see this Halloween theme charm to celebrate our anniversary on "Chicken Trees Day"! ^__^

All in all, Kawaii Kon was a great way for us to start off our mini convention season! We're always looking into other events around the islands as well as on the mainland! (Canada might have to wait until KS gets his passport... TwT;;) I'm mostly familiar with West Coast conventions, but if there are any mid-sized conventions/events that are in your neck of the woods, please chime in!

Also, if you have any suggestions - places/events/shops that might be the right place for hosting nemu*nemu goods, e-mail us or message us!

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2 Replies

  • Anna

    Oh my pizza! Nemu*nemu #2 on sale!! *dances* Thankyou for all the awesome merchandise you've put out (and of course for the awesome comic ^^)! Keep it coming guys :D

  • Danielle Boling

    I was there yeah I <3 Nemu and Anpan now thanks for giving me the business card!!!!

    I'm so happy i checked it out!!!

    Loves and Hugs from Oahu,

    Danielle Shay!