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[FFFA] Putt-putting Around!

0 Ish Good!

The TwinkleMobileGreetings folks!

Looks like the sniffles bug that was going around Kawaii Kon has settled into our studio. KS is a little under the weather while I'm doing my best to stay healthy and hydrated. Unfortunately, I've been feeling that infamous post-nasal drip for the past couple days... I just hope my Allegra-D does the trick!

In the meanwhile, because we've had so much stuff to take care of over the past week, I've borrowed my mom's car to putt-putt around the neighborhood to pick up supplies and mail off packages. (So Street Team folks, everything should be out today! Check your mailboxes next week!) It's been a harrowing experience for me. I've had my driver's license since turning 21 and have driven less than 20 times since - all being very short distances. o_o; Yikes.

I'm glad to say that I've survived thus far with no scratches or dents (as far as I've seen?) and will probably be doing more driving today and throughout the weekend. I have a day-long solo talk at a school in Kailua on May 7th - getting out there is a must!

Also! There have been some updates to our online shop!

We have removed a few of our sold-out items, namely shirts from 2007 which have been discontinued and fleece hats, which are hand-made and re-stocking right now for our events. Our second volume of books are being re-printed as we speak and we will have enough in stock for those who are looking for our standard editions, so you won't have to purchase them from another online vendor! Yay!

Questions or concerns? Please contact us via e-mail or our feedback form! :D

Have a great weekend everyone!

If you're local and have some time, be sure and visit us at the JCCH Kodomo no Hi event in Moiliili! See you there!

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