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Shaking Things Up!

0 Ish Good!

Hey folks!

You may notice there's a lot of things changing here at nemu*nemu! We have officially completed publishing all our strips from Volume 2 and are now embarking on something new and equally exciting!

After much debate, hemming and hawing, and thoughtful consideration, I have decided to make the switch to horizontal strips. It's a big step for both of us - KS is working hard to make sure everything on our site is compliant to the new dimensions of the strip while I have to mentally switch gears and spend a little more time planning and plotting each of our comics! Please bear with us through these growing pains! It'll be well worth the effort!

In the meanwhile, we've received a number of requests for icons/avatars of recent comics so I will be making this a regular addition - check in my blog posts (like this one) for new ones! Simply right-click on these images and save them to your computer or grab them from our photobucket account!

If there's a specific size icon, avatar, button, banner you're looking for, please message us here so I can add them to my list! :D

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9 Replies

  • Geri-chan

    Thanks for the cool icons! I especially love the "Don't make me hurt you" one, and the "spicy chickens"! ^_^

  • nunuu

    ^o^ I love the angry chickens!

    I'm going to teef some of these icons once I come home from work!

    Make more! :D

  • kitsy

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I'll be searching through older strips and random illustrations I've done over the past year for icon-fodder. XD

    Well, when I wake up tomorrow morning. ^_^v

  • Shawn Robare

    Hey guys,

    Just curious, are you planning on changing the print format of future collections now that you're switching to the horizontal layout? Like maybe Garfield or Calvin and Hobbes books (with the binding on the short end?)

  • themarygetaway

    Where are the chickens from??

  • kitsy

    Shawn: We're probably going to go that route as it'll be much easier to flip through the comics. We haven't discussed the actual print size yet, although we're already prepping all the strips for the print version.

    themarygetaway: The chickens were from our special April East Oahu Sun comic! (View it here!)

  • Lindsey

    Nemu looks like a bunny in "nemu love"! XD He's so cute!

  • nunuu


    Just noticed the menu bar on the main page changed! Looks good! :DD

  • Cherry

    Woohoo! I found a new avatar!
    Thanks KyubiKitsy and KimonoStereo!