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Fans Work

0 Ish Good!

Lately, we've been receiving more and more fanwork from people all over! I haven't had time to update them to our mini gallery (which also needs to be revamped and SRSLY updated...) but thought it might be nice to share~ :D

Go Henshin Rider by Rec RoomNinja
"Go Henshin Rider" by Rec-RoomNinja

Anpan & Nemu Fanart by Pandearly
Anpan & Nemu by pandearly

Nemu & Anpan Fanart by ToonFreak
Anpan & Nemu by toonfreak

"Pizza?" by Bobagirl (Anpan Fanart) "Nemu Can Has Grilled Cheese" by Bobagirl (Nemu fanart)
"Pizza?" and "Nemu Can Has Grilled Cheese" by bobagirl

"Super Anpan" Fanart by Eric
"Super Anpan" by Eric Raehn

There was also this great fan-vid on youtube, but it mysteriously disappeared. T_T; (I happened upon it by accident one night.. I'm not sure if I was meant to see it?) Ah well~

Addendum! They just contacted me about it!! It's still there! :D

Thanks to everyone who's been kind enough to draw up some nemu*nemu fanart! :D It never fails to brighten my day! ^__^

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3 Replies

  • Amber

    I wanted to let you know that my package came on Friday (my birthday was Saturday so amazing timing!) and I wanted to thank you so much. It's amazing and much more than I expected. :) Anything you guys need in the future from the Midwest, I'm here.

    In return, I give you Dango Daikazoku:

  • kitsy

    Amber: So cute!!! Thank you for sharing! I'm glad the package arrived safely and just in time for your birthday! (Happy birthday, BTW!)

  • Chizel

    I would send you some art, but I can't seem to find anyone to fix my scanner...

    (New scanners are too expensive)