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Kana's Hawaiian Ai!

0 Ish Good!

Hey everyone!

KS and I will be leaving for California on Wednesday for early set up and prep. I'm pretty excited about our first event off-island and I hope there will be many more to come!

HiAi - 0001 To kick the new week off, we have a special guest "comic" by Anna De Corrado, hailing from Australia! Anna's a long-time reader of nemu*nemu, and was kind enough to send this great drawing in at the most perfect of timing! Please enjoy her adorable contribution!

In the meanwhile, what in the world happened to Kana and Nemu?

Kana, Nemu, and Mister Buns are on their own adventures in Hawaii - their stories will pop up intermittently (and unexpectedly!) over the next few weeks. I hope you will find them worth the wait! I've dubbed them the "Hawaiian Ai" adventures. "Ai" is a play on the word "love" in Japanese, while it also sounds like "eye" - like the song or old 50's TV show...

Meanwhile, Anise and Anpan's adventures will be put on hold until we return.

...and we have a "new" original sketch for sale!

For Sale - Island Pups

This is the original draft of "Island Pups", a spot illustration we submit to Island Dog, a small publication here in Hawaii~!

Above you can see the two sketches I did before I completed the final illustration in Photoshop. I'll be selling the original rough sketch AND a high quality color print of the final illustration.

Size: 8.5x11" Bright White Inkjet paper
Medium: Col-Erase blue pencil and 2B graphite lead
Price: $25 - includes color print of completed illustration AND shipping!

Here's your chance to get a nemu*nemu original! :D

Interested in this one of a kind piece? Then head straight to the Nemu Shop to purchase it!

Please note that we will retain all rights to the image/illustration for use on our site and possible print publications. Prices are also subject to change and will differ depending on size and medium used.

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3 Replies

  • wen

    I'm surprised you're not putting a one of kind sketch piece up on ebay for people to bid on.

  • kitsy

    Wen - To be honest, I've thought about it - but am putting these out as "feelers" for the time being. ^_^ I haven't put my artwork on ebay for a while now and it feels like a totally different selling environment there. ^^

  • Ellen Olson

    It is cute. I bet Kana is feeling how parents feel when thier kids ask, "Are we there yet?"