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Leaving on a Jet Plane

0 Ish Good!

Hey all!

We're leaving today for California! We'll be back in business next week Wednesday with regular posts and strips back in full force! Until then - hang tight with a strip featuring Kana and Nemu on their own adventures in Hawaii!

Hawaiian Ai - Airport ShotToday, their adventures take them to the Maui Ocean Center's "Open Ocean" exhibit! It's a huge acrylic tube underwater that you can view tropical reef aquatic life, right in their habitat - without getting wet!

Indeed, I wonder what Anpan would think of such a place...

One of my favorite exhibits there is a giant tank filled with jellyfish. They cast a UV light on them so they glow in the dark - it's somewhat reminiscent of a giant lava lamp! If you ever visit Maui, it's one of the attractions I usually suggest if you have the time to spare!

So aside from updates at the convention site (should we have internet connection...) we will be back next week!

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