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Fanime 2008 - Day 2!

0 Ish Good!

Hey all!

We have made it through the second day at Fanime Convention in San Jose, California. The crowds definitely picked up today, as we enter a long weekend. :D

We had a great mix of people visit our table today - some long-time readers (one couple who brought along her original Nemu for us to pup-sit! Yay!) and some brand new fans~ :D We even managed to recruit a ninja to help us distribute fliers and business cards! (Thank you again!)

We're half-way through! Can we make it through 2 more days? We shall find out tomorrow. O_O!

Photos up once I can find time to upload them!

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3 Replies

  • ninj4

    haha not a problem -- glad i could help you guys out! i'm not sure if i was able to get many others onto the site, buttt you guys got me, and I'm already hooked! i'm supposed to be sleeping, but i cant stop -- i just finished the "Sunday Special: Gifts For Santa" and who knows, i might actually finish all the strips before the weekend is over! thanks again, and all the best to u guys.

    Fan name: Ayumi

  • Bentoboxbobbytv


    Like I promised, your interview is here.
    I did another drawing, but I will send it over sometime soon.

    Take Care!

    Your Friend,
    BBB TV ^_^