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Fanime 2008 - Day 3 and Happy Memorial Day!

0 Ish Good!

Day 3 is over and done and KS and I are beat. We had a quick dinner after we closed up shop and are resting our aching feet and voices for one more day of convention madness!

For Memorial Day, we have a very special guest comic by the Dynamic Duo, the Drozds! They were kind enough to submit this great Sgt. Slaughter-inspired strip~! If you don't get the joke, you can't miss the video!

(Boy - I think *I* wanted a Sgt. Slaughter figure when I was a kid too... o_o)

You can find Jerzy's work at Sugary Serials and MLAT Comics, while you can find Anne's work at Boum Art!

Jerzy & Anne - you're both real American Heroes! Thanks guys!


In the meanwhile, other news! We just found out that I was nominated for the Lulu of the Year award! Friends of Lulu works to promote the readership of comics amongst women and facilitate and enable women to become comic artists as well!

This is a great honor for me and very, very unexpected!

If you are a Friend of Lulu, you can vote for your favorite nominees at the official FoL site! Thanks so much everyone who has nominated and voted for me! I'm truly touched!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! We'll be back in business on Wednesday! :D

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4 Replies

  • ninj4

    Happy Memorial Day, KS + Kyubi~! One more day to, err, entice more new fans! xD

    (Ah, and sorry for posting my fan name on yesterday's comment. That was my Fanime fan name, if you don't remember from the tag. So yeah, I'll just stick with ninj4 for now. Sorry for the confusion.)

    (N) _<

  • kaiki

    w00t! Congratulations on the nomination! I am glad you are being recognized as a positive role model for women all over ^_^ It's you who is the real American hero.

  • siryoshi7

    Great booth at Fanime, lolpups: I lol'd.

  • Kinmlicious