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At Home and Resting

0 Ish Good!

Thanks to all of you who have been leaving comments and prayers for Kitsy! She made it through the procedure and had enough energy to eat something small (udon) before coming home and going to bed. I am very happy that she is home with me tonight where i can tend to her.

Tomorrow, I'll have to call the doctor and find out the full story about what to expect next. From the looks of things, it would appear that there were no complications at all. Kitsy is now in bed resting after taking some pain medication. I'll be waking up at 3am to administer another dose so she can sleep through the night. I'm just glad that they were able to operate in a short time so she didn't have to suffer any longer!

Thank you again everyone! We both really appreciate your prayers and support through all of this!

Kitsy had just enough time this morning to upload some Fanime 2008 photos to our Flickr gallery. We'll upload more when she's feeling better. You can check them out here.

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8 Replies

  • Anna

    Awesome! I'm so glad she's ok ^^ She's also lucky to have a friend who'll get up at 3 to give her pain medication =P

  • Jasmin

    I'm glad she's recovering and is well :) Lucky the operation was short :D
    Get well soon!

  • ninj4

    Yayyyyyyy! Success xD Congrats to Kitsy! And major kudos to KS for being an awesome fren to her! You guys are truly a, err, super team (for lack of better words)! xD


  • hamuko

    I was relieved to hear that her surgery went well.
    Speaking of which, I voted for Lulu of the year award the otherday.
    I hope that Kitsy will recover quickly and get the prize.
    Take care. (^o^)/

  • Lea Hernandez

    Yay! News!I'm so glad to hear QB's home and recovering, and you rock for staying up late to give her drugs.

    I'm still on to do a guest strip!

  • wen

    Cool! A guest strip by Miz Lea!

  • Lea Hernandez

    Shoot. Wouldn't have anything to guest if there weren't the pups.

  • erikochan

    Hope you feel better really soon, Kits!! :E