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Back on Track?

0 Ish Good!

Hi everyone!

It's hard to believe that it's already Wednesday! Time sure flies when you're confined to a bed and sleeping the days away!

Thanks again to everyone who sent well-wishes my way. I'm so very touched by all the kind gestures people have gone out of their way to encourage me at this rather ... "uncomfortable" time. ^_^

Below is one of the cutest that came in my mailbox. ^_^

Gemma Hayden Fish by Gemma Hayden

(I'm always thrilled to see other's drawings of Anpan and Nemu and Gemma Hayden's is no exception! I wish I drew as well as she at age 8! :D)

Which also reminds me... An announcement I was meaning to make right after we returned from San Jose got totally side-tracked.

KS and I will be visiting libraries island-wide starting Thursday, June 12th to talk about webcomics to library patrons of all ages. We have been selected as this summer's "Young Adult Summer Reading Program guest speakers, the program is themed "iRead Webcomics: The New Frontier of Comics".

We will be briefly talking about what goes into making a webcomic, how it differs from comics in general, and ways to possibly get started! We're hoping that it'll be both a fun and informative talk!

More details, dates, and times once I get a final confirmation from library HQ! :D

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