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Report from Aiea Library - iRead Webcomics Talk #1

0 Ish Good!

Hey everyone!

To all who showed up at our very first talk at Aiea Library, a big Thank You!

iRead Webcomics - Aiea Library

More photos are up for view in our flickr gallery!

The attendance was much larger than we had anticipated (even the librarians were surprised by the turn-out!) and we happily added more seats. Attendees were of all ages, young and old, as well as some familiar faces from Kawaii Kon! It was also good to see some family friends in the crowd and the illustrious, ever-entertaining Roy Chang from Aiea Intermediate School!

FA-TeresaFukinoHaaz-001.jpgWe had some great questions, so we will be fine-tuning our talk as we go along. If there are any things you would like us to address in our talks, feel free to e-mail or message us! I'm always curious as to what people are more interested in hearing about.

Last, but not least - a big thanks to Teresa F. who handed me this lovely, heart-felt fanart of the pups going green - and the most clever accompanying note! (I wish I thought of that! :D) Also a big thanks to Roy Chang for copies of the AIS Anime-Manga club shirts (NEEDS MORE COWBELL!), the Aiea Public Library staff for being such great hosts, and the attendees who brought us the handmade leis! *__* Thanks so much for making us feel so very welcome for our very first talk of the summer program!

Our next talks will be on Saturday at Hawaii Kai Library at 11am and Aina Haina Library at 1pm! I hope to see you there! I believe there will be a Friends of the Library representative available, so you may be able to purchase items from us directly.

For everyone else, have a great weekend! :D I hope you enjoy the conclusion to this especially long chapter!

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3 Replies

  • wen

    Oh, the Aiea library meeting room! I remember holding the JASH meetings in there so long ago...

    Roy Chang probably invited his students to attend too. His 1 panel cartoons appear every week in Midweek.

  • kitsy

    Wen: I know! It's been a long long time~ Roy Chang did contact some of his students, but as it's also summer break, he had his doubts about their attending. XD

  • anela mariano

    that pic is nice i go to that school now u make it look da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it tha way 7c1 mr. nakama's class e32 anela mariano