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2 Libraries and a Movie

0 Ish Good!

Now that summer has officially started, I hope everyone is staying cool!

Tanukitsune's Animated Nemu This morning, I was surprised to see a cute animated Nemu in a fellow webcomicker's LJ! Tanukitsune is an avid 8-bit pixel style artist from Spain who transforms them into mini comics! So cute! :D

The weekend is finally here and it seems I was mistaken about this past Friday - the Friends of the Library Book Sale isn't until next weekend. TwT! Ah well, we might not be able to make it to the "grand opening", but we'll probably shoot for Saturday evening. It's a yearly highlight for us - one year we found original issues of Cerebus and Liberty Meadows amongst the boxes of comics. *__*!

Well, today was a full-on day! We started off with a talk at the Waikiki-Kapahulu Public Library, hosted by YA librarian Gayle Hirohata-Goto. For an earlier morning appearance, there was a nice group of both youngsters with their families and some teens.


A couple of pups were also right at home in the library display! (Courtesy of the YA librarian!)

Soon after, we headed straight to our second stop, Liliha Public Library.


The new YA librarian Tina Arakawa had done a wonderful job promoting her reading program to nearby schools and even hosted a small giveaway of nemu*nemu goods - including a pair of pups who went to two very happy attendees!

As always, more photos of these events (and some updated photos from Fanime!) are up at our flickr gallery!

To round out a pretty hectic day, KS and I treated ourselves to Waiola shaved ice and a movie. (It was also pretty darned hot outside, staying indoors and keeping cool was high on our list of priorities!) More on that tomorrow!

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  • Kira

    NEMU-NEMU!Cutie stoffie pups I just got the book yestar day but the first book.IT WAS SOOOOO CUTE!This book is very funny!