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0 Ish Good!

It must be the summer heat that's encouraging us to hit the movie theaters for relief, but for our second outing this month, opted to see WALL.E, the latest Pixar film.


Aside from a few select titles, I haven't really been disappointed by what Pixar has released since their debut with Toy Story. The stories are so well crafted and visually stunning - it's hard to not make the trek to go and see them.

KS and I were quite intrigued by what we saw in the previews and the buzz online was hard to miss. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but all I can say is that I was beyond pleasantly surprised.

Just like how they have an uncanny way of making a desk lamp come alive for their opening credits, they took machines and made them human. Can we empathize with our Roombas and automated car washes? Pixar says we definitely can!

I'm not going to go much into the movie itself - it's something that really should be experienced. Just as a warning, I'm not sure how well received this movie will be by younger children. Although it's largely a "silent" movie, the subtle, more quiet moments seemed to have bored the kids in our audience to tears. Literally. We had kids running up and down the aisles, playing on the guardrails, and making a full-on ruckus. >_>...

There were a lot of "extras" - cameos of past Pixar movie casts/props, Mac's OS start-up theme, nods to 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the oft used John Ratzenberger pops in again. I'm certain that the "blooper reels" will come in a few more weeks. :D

Regardless! I highly recommend this movie~! :D Beat the heat and go and see it! KS even changed his phone's wallpaper to EVE and has been scouring local shops for the interactive WALL.E and EVE toys. (Apparently, they "talk" to each other.) *___*

And if a movie can actually make me sympathize with a ROACH of all things, they've really done their job well.

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  • wen

    Well, there you go. While this movie was done with adults and children in mind, it looks like they were leaning toward keeping the adults more pleased so they can win an Oscar(tm) next year. ;)

    The last Pixar movie was about a rat and it got rave reviews. So, getting the audience to sympathize with a roach isn't to far a stretch.