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4th of July Weekend Break!

0 Ish Good!

The 4th of July weekend is fast approaching! I'm looking forward to all the fireworks shows and grilled food! Yay!

This week, we had talks at two locations that were quite far away from home: Kailua and Kapolei Library!

Kailua Library, which on the eastern coast of Oahu, was the first of our talks this week. We were hosted in their kids' reading section, which was decorated with this magical forest theme! Talk about CUTE! We also had a Sign-Language Interpreter present with us to help out a special guest - this was a first for us!

Our second stop was at Kapolei Library last night, near the south-western coast of Oahu. This is one of the newest libraries on the island and the facilities were awesome! I almost wish I lived closer! (The drive out was roughly an hour with traffic. T_T;)

The turnout was one of our largest and we found there were some aspiring comic artists in the crowd! Because time was short, we didn't have enough time to really sit and talk with everyone - but we really appreciate everyone who came out to see us.


To see more photos of our events, simply visit our flickr gallery!

We have a break from talks this weekend to celebrate the Friday holiday, so I'll be taking this opportunity to fine-tune and focus our presentation a little. We've learned a lot from our audiences as we've done our island-wide tour and hope to really get into some of what makes webcomics special. We should have new material to show and tell at our next talk at Salt Lake - Moanalua Library at 5pm on Tuesday, July 8th!

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