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Hawaiian Ai: The Journey

Hawaiian Ai: The Journey
July 4, 2008 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Sometimes we are so concerned about reaching the goal that we forget to smell the roses along the way... this is something that we could all learn to do from Kana and Nemu.

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19 Replies

  • real ani

    WOW! That is beautiful!
    As Nemu says " Everyting ish so pretty... and peaceful!".
    I want to go on a hike now too & that is very not like me!

  • ninj4

    Happy July 4th, KKS + fellow nemu*nemu fans =D


  • kaiki

    O.O!!!! That is amazingly beautiful! Just, wow, wow.

  • raven39

    I find it incredible myself. You've topped yourself on this one. :) :)

  • Cherry

    Woohoo! Happy 4th of July!
    Beautiful! WOW! This is awesome!
    It reminds me of Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens!

  • Teresa

    OMG! Kitsy, you are an INCREDIBLE artist! I'm just blown away! All I keep saying to myself is OMG!!! while I look at this strip! Okay, I give up, where is this? Does anyone know? I want to go hiking now! Thanks Kitsy for this wonderful strip!

  • Jibrille

    Wow, looking at this gives me a sense of deja-vu.

    I think I saw it on the Travel Channel? They went on a hike in Hawaii through streams and rocks and bamboo and came to this magnificantly beautiful waterfall.

    This one goes on my favs. list o' your artwork. :D

  • Chizel

    Wonderful!!! It's beautiful!!!

  • kimonostereo

    Anyone wanna guess what area Kana is hiking in? :-)

  • blubloodrazberry

    that totally looks like a hike i did with my friends a few summers ago. it was beautiful. i wana guess.... oh where did we go.....i wanna say manoa area....

  • kitsy

    *ding!* The answer is "Manoa Falls"!

    Each of the the panels were referenced from various photos KS took on a hike a number of years back~ :D

    Some have asked how long this one took and how I did it~ Actually, this is one of my few strips that are done completely in Photoshop - from planning/layout to sketch and coloring. It took me about 6-8 hours to complete, as each panel is a painting in itself.

    My favorite parts were the bamboo forests - although they were somewhat challenging to get the colors to harmonize. o_o!

  • fillyjonk

    Oh! I think I've been there. It's on Oahu, right? Up in the mountains past U of H?

    Back in 1992, I was at the ESA meetings in Hawai'i and took a field trip up into the mountains and the rain forest. I mainly remember the trail being very slick (and me falling and sliding on my bottom down part of the trail, right in front of all these famous ecologists). And I was very jealous of our tour-leader, she had these cool boot things that she said Japanese-Hawaiian fishermen used to keep their balance on the deck - the big toe was separate from the rest of the rubberized boot and I thought they were the coolest things.

    Your painting/drawing of the area is just beautiful. It makes me want to go back there.

  • jennifu

    i actually just went to manoa falls a couple of weeks ago so i recognized the trail instantly. :) amazing rendition of the hike! and i like how kana goes off the trail path and into the stream. :D we did that too and got pretty strange looks from the tourists. definitely the better way to go though - yay for kana!

  • chris

    wow kitsy, awesome job on the colouring. most excellent landscape-ish strip to date!

    hmm... where was nemu hiding all this time though? in her bag? XD

  • Anna Tramell

    This is such an impressive strip... I love how you drew the art in this one.

  • MewCourtneyNemu

    AHH! thats sooo pretty

  • Breanne

    the background musdt have taken for EVER!!!! so pretty... 0.0

  • gem2niki

    Ah, I've been there!! It looks just like it! haha. This page is beautiful!

  • Diana

    oh my god i recognized manoa falls as soon as i saw the crazy bamboo trail. i love photographing there :D this is probably one of my favorites artistic-wise so far <3

Webcomic Transcription

Hawaiian Ai: The Journey

Panel 1: Kana and Nemu are walking through a bamboo forest.
Nemu: What doing Kana Mama?
Kana: We're going on a hike!
Nemu: Hike?
Kana: A long walk through nature.

Panel 2: Kana skips and hops rocks to get across the shallow flow of water in the river.
Nemu: Almost dere Kana Mama?
Kana: Not yet...

Panel 3: A view of the beautiful Ko'olau mountain range with lush green forest below.
Kana: Just enjoy the beauty of where we're at!
Nemu: OK!

Panel 4: A view of the bamboo forrest from Nemu's place in Kana's backpack.
Nemu: Everyting ish so pretty... and peaceful!

Panel 5: The beautiful water fall and the peaceful pond below it.
Nemu: WOW!
Kana: See - the journey can be just as awesome as the goal!