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0 Ish Good!

KS mentioned in his Get Clicky post about some site updates with our navigation bar, but I'd also like to highlight another feature we need help with - Transcription!

On each comic page, we have a small column section for transcriptions. Our recent strips have been updated as we go, but we need a lot of help with our older strips!

In short, what we are looking for are dialogue break-downs and short descriptions of what happens in each panel. This really helps us in many ways:

  • People who can't necessary read our strip in English can translate our transcribed text;
  • People searching for something that might be mentioned in our strips might stumble upon our comic by chance and we find another reader!
  • Visually-impaired readers can use applications to read the text aloud

KS does a much better job of explaining things on our transcription page! If you have some time, please help us out!

Also a small announcement on behalf of hakai, who recently helped us out with a very cute guest strip!

KokoNatsuHawaii-001.jpgKoko Natsu Hawaii is an anthology printed this past year for sale at Kawaii Kon by a number of the Artist Alley participants: bloodyangel, buuzen, dogo, hakai, hikkipro, kaen, kiyominai, mayumi, mimicchi, and trim - many of which are well-known artists throughout the anime fan circuit on the internet.

If you'd like to see some of our up-and-coming talent here in Hawaii, this is a nice variety of work from short comics and illustrations. However, I should note that not all of their works are considered "kid-friendly". If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to Nao.

Koko Natsu Hawaii
An anthology of Hawaii artist's original works
100 page, 10 artists
$20 + shipping

Please contact Nao (holydemonnao [@] to order. Payments can be made via Paypal.

Below is a sampling of some of the interior pages!


Comic preview by buuzen


Comic preview by trim


Preview of comic by Hakai and illustration by Dogo

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