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Hellboy 2

0 Ish Good!

Thanks to a friend in the comic industry, we got preview tickets to see Hellboy 2: The Golden Army that'll be released in theaters nationwide today. :D

SDCC-hellboy2poster.jpg Aside from standing in line for about 3 hours in the evening heat and extremely over-priced theater snacks, I can safely say we enjoyed the film~!

To be honest, I don't know anything about the Hellboy universe aside from what happened in the first movie. All we knew is that most of the original cast were reprising their roles and director Guillermo del Toro was going all out with the special effects. For those who enjoyed del Toro's "Pan's Labyrinth", you'll probably get a serious kick out of this movie.

Set against del Toro's trademark dark, nightmarish fantasy, dream-like style and setting, lies the modern story of Hellboy himself, with the addition of a few new characters. It's really interesting to see how he blends the two, sometimes a little forced, but never without humor. One doesn't have to know too much about the actual history of the story, it's quite easy to get into the characters and simply be entertained.

KS definitely give his thumbs up, while I'm a little more reserved. It's something I'd probably enjoy seeing over and over on the smaller screen, but maybe somewhat more hesitant to see it at the theaters again. Regardless, I recommend seeing the film at least once on the big screen. The worlds del Toro creates are always more impressive when they are literally larger than life~!

3Gspecs.jpgSo Friday is finally iPhone 3G day! KS and I will (probably) be standing in line for ours! We both concur that this device has literally changed our lives. A number of times, it has saved us when we were lost, provided us with information we accidentally left at home, and even recommended places to eat that were quite memorable during our trips away from home.

Although there isn't much to the system upgrade itself, (as the apps are included with the iphone firmware update) the built-in GPS navigation will undoubtably prove useful when we attend future events off-island. The 3G service will also be quite welcome as half the time, I'm not quite sure if the Edge network is up or down. o_o;

I'm certain KS'll have much more to say about this after a day or two of use. ^__^

Last, but not least, we have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us! Our talks continue on Saturday at noon at the Hawaii State Public Library in downtown (my old stomping grounds!) and on Sunday at the Kaimuki Public Library (our current stomping grounds!) at 2pm!

Our last talk at the Salt Lake-Moanalua Library went very well! We apologize for not having any photos from this event - it sort of slipped our mind. Thanks to everyone who showed up and braved the blazing sun that crept in through the windows!

Have a great weekend everyone! :D

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  • chris

    i'm glad that your iPhone serves you better than it ever will here in canadaland. our data plans are retardedly expensive, and even despite customer pressure and hating, it's still too expensive. :(