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Buried Treasure

0 Ish Good!

Every year since we've met, Kitsy and I have been going to the yearly Friends of the Library Book Sale. Every year we find cool stuff, but some years are better than others! For instance, if you recall last years "True Story" post that got me in touch with Guy Kawasaki (a personal hero of mine) all because of a book we found at the Friends of the Library Sale!

This year there was a lot of comic books but not as many graphic novels as there were in the past. I'm not too big on single issue comics but I went through all 20 boxes looking for things from my childhood or anything that might grab my attention. On our third visit (yes we went that many times) I struck paydirt and found a bunch of single issues of Cerebus! I was especially pleased to find Cerebus FREE and Cerebus Zero!


Kitsy found this really cool Kikaida (Kikaider) Tribute book for $1.40...

kikaida tribute

And I found one of my first Macintosh Art books: Zen and the Art of the Macintosh by Michael Green. This book was quite phenomenal when it came out in 1986 as it was written, illustrated and layed out entirely on a Macintosh. It sounds rather silly today, but there was no Photoshop, InDesign or Quark or even flatbed scanners back in 1986. We had MacPaint and PageMaker 1.0 (that means we didn't have tools as cool as we do today kids!)

zen and the art of the mac

zen and the art of the mac interior

This book brought much inspiration to me as I sat in front of my Macintosh SE using a mouse with MacPaint to conjure up illustrations of Macross, Bubblegum Crisis and Sonic Soldier Borgman on the screen. Yeah I drew with a mouse. In Macpaint. It rocked!

Lastly, I found a few Guy Kawasaki books that I didn't have in my collection at the book sale as well. I didn't find his book called Hindsights though. For those of you who don't know who Guy is: Aside from writing six books (number seven available soon), Guy worked for Apple and was hired to evangelize the Macintosh to software and hardware developers. Guy is currently the managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, but his real passion is his new website called AllTop which gathers the best sites on the web. nemu*nemu is featured on as well as!

guy books

The best part about finding these books is that I got to meet Guy since he stopped off in Hawaii! All of his friends from Twitter had a gathering and I finally got my copy of Rules for Revolutionaries signed by Guy!

Rules for Revolutionaries is an incredible book by the way and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to do anything revolutionary in your lifetime. This book was required reading when I was the manager at my former place of employment. No one could work on my team without reading this book first. It's that good! His most recent book, The Art of the Start is another must read too. Anyone starting a business venture, a career, a club, a group should read this book.

guys signature

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2 Replies

  • Allen

    Ah, Cerebus.

    You have excellent taste. I still think the Church and State series is one of the best-written novels in comics.

    Makes me want to dig out all of my old buried treausres and read them through again :)

  • tpiro

    Ditto. If I had infinite time I'd definitely go back and read my Cerebus least the first 2/3. Alas, I haven't looked at those things in years! Great finds. It's especially fun looking back at all those old letters pages in Cerebus. Could you imagine if Cerebus had been online with it's own online forums. That would have been lively.