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Snacks & Talks

0 Ish Good!

Goodness - with all the heat and humidity here, it's hard to not know it's summertime! When the going gets HOT, the HOT go out and get snacks!


... or at least Nemu does!

For those who know me best, I'm a serious snack-fiend... and everything that Kana's planning to haul home with her are things I'm more than familiar with! Above, Nemu has collected some of the omiyage and gifts we've gathered during our trips between home and the neighbor islands - chocolate covered macadamia nuts, Kauai Kookies and Portuguese Sweet Bread Cinnamon Toast, Cookie Corner Lilikoi and Key Lime bars, Taro chips... so much yum!

It's so easy to go overboard, but I don't mind the consequences~ XD

For those who have been keeping up with our island-wide talk schedule, we completed two more this past weekend: the Hawaii State Library in downtown Honolulu (my old stomping grounds) and Kaimuki Library (KS' old stomping grounds)!


At both locations, we met up with a LOT of familiar faces! From old co-workers to favorite former professors, to Twitter friends who were in the area, to folks from Kawaii Kon, to repeat attendees at previous talks! I'm always blown away by the positive responses we get from our readers!

And! Thanks to my mom and brother, we have photos from these talks to share with you up at our flickr gallery! Because there are a lot of them, you can catch also catch them all in our Events 2008 Collection.

Our very last talk for the iRead Webcomics Teen Summer Reading Program is on July 20th at Kaneohe Library at 2:30pm!

Everyone - Thank you so much for coming out to see us!

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7 Replies

  • Random Joe

    KS (I assume) was right, none of us had questions or comments because we were so amazed at your drawing.

    I liked your speed. I guess that means you've been drawing 40 hours a week for 8+ years?

    Also, I decided to leave a comment when I saw the first picture: That picture does you no justice! If the cameraman waited a bit and stepped back, then it'd be clear there were MUCH more people.

    Otherwise, good to see you in action.

    Thumbs up.

  • MisoCheif

    lol the guy in the back blocked my head! At the state library lol. The guy in the very back left side! NUUUUU! Well I came to see again because I forgot which kind of graphic tablet you used. And also to buy more stuff! >.<

    PS: NUUU raining Ewa Beach side (that was random)

  • kitsy

    Miso: Sorry about your being cut out of the photo! XD;; There are more in our flickr gallery - maybe you're in one of those? ^_^?

    Also, for clarification - I use a Wacom Intuos3 9x12 for my presentation. I upgraded earlier this year to a Cintiq 20WSX, which is a monitor with tablet functions. Nice, but quite pricy. o_o;

    You can find out more about these models (and more!) at the Wacom site~ The consumer grade models can be found at the Apple store, Sam's Club (!), and the UH Bookstore!

  • Cherry

    It was cool seeing how you did your comics!
    I wanted to buy everything there!
    I can see my head in the front row!

  • MisoCheif

    Kyubi: O.K is it the same user name as the photobucket gallery?

  • kitsy

    Miso: You can find our flick gallery here: !

    Sorry for the confusion~ KS had set up our photobucket account long before we set up the flickr account. I'm more familiar with flickr while he's more familiar with photobucket! XD;

  • MisoCheif

    Kyubi: O.K thanks allot! ^_^