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Olympics 2008 Challenge Day 3

0 Ish Good!

Still going strong?




These events might be a little tricky.. Can you guess what they are?

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7 Replies

  • Ash the first one Equestrian and the second one Gymnastics?

  • Jasmin

    I think the top one is horse-racing or whatever the proper name is :P But with that sort of background it makes me think of some aquatic event.
    And the second... um.. now this one looks like gymnastics as well...

  • Zerofox Kitsune

    The first one is probably an equestrian event (horse-back, well, dog-back riding?) and the second one is high jump?

  • Kix

    First is Equestrian? I dunno if there is a sport with 2 riders though XD & Second is parallel bars :D

  • june

    Well according to flikr its Equestrian and gymnastics. but does look more like a high jump.

    and bah next set is up >.<

  • Cherry

    Something and high jumping...? O_o

  • Carrie

    The top one looks like water polo to me. :)