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Olympics 2008 Challenge Day 4

0 Ish Good!

Can you believe I *still* haven't seen the Olympics Opening Ceremony yet?? I've seen gorgeous photos everywhere, but keep missing the television footage. :\

So far, everyone's been doing a great job figuring out what all the events are! :D



Can you guess the events?

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7 Replies

  • Tora

    Weightlifting and wrestling.

    yay wrestling!

  • Zerofox Kitsune

    Weightlifting...and wrestling? If it's wrestling, why do they have headsets on? I'm just curious.

  • kitsy

    Zerofox: The headsets are headgear to protect the wrestler's ears. ^^ Not everyone uses it, but I thought it would be easier to identify the sport with it~ :D

    Thanks for all the guesses thus far! Everyone's doing a great job! ^^

  • Tora

    Well in greco-roman it is normal to wear them, like in high school wrestling.

    Pro wrestlers dont wear them since its not as close combat as the g-r and freestyle.

  • erikochan

    I thought the second one was water polo... They also have those protective ear thingys that look kind of like that... and the girls sort of look like they could be wearing bathing suits... (of course, the ball is missing... and the water... lol) ^^;

    The opening ceremonies were really awesome! I don't know if you can get it to work because you're not in Canada, but supposedly the CBC has the entire ceremony video on demand here (Go to Highlights>Full Events> Page 2> Opening Ceremonies) It might take a while to download enough to be able to start... (hasn't started playing for me yet.) If not, I think we still have it recorded on our PVR thingy so I could mail you a dvd if you can't find it some other way. :3

  • Cherry

    Weightlifting and wrestling!!!

  • Watari Goro

    My guess was going to be telephone operator wrestling, but then I remembered that the IOC hasn't approved that as an Olympic event, yet.