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Olympics 2008 Challenge Day 8

0 Ish Good!

It's Aloha Friday and for some, it's Admissions Day!
(Well - it's still another work day as usual for both KS and me.)

On the bright side, the Made in Hawaii Festival is happening this weekend at the Blaisdell Center. It's one of the biggest "craft" events, but KS and I always go for the food and products. :D

Speaking of crafts - for those who have some of crafted merchandise like shirts, tees, pins (including my felt handmade ones from 2006 - anyone?), pouches, or original hand-crafted pups and have taken photos of them - being used/worn, I'd like to start a small gallery in our flickr page for them!

This'll help us in a couple ways - 1) we get to see our items being used! 2) others can judge size and fit of our various hand-crafted items!

Watari Goro (pen name, not Ban Naoya, unfortunately!) from flickr has been so kind as to send in a couple photos of his own kids in Anpan and Nemu hats!

jemu nemu.jpg danpan e.jpg
Miss J. and Mr. D - looking appropriately in character!

I'll be working on a proper gallery later this weekend of our existing photos, but if you have any you'd like to submit, send them to our info line!

And last, but not least - two more Olympics Challenge doodles!



Can you guess the events?

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6 Replies

  • Ash

    OK...The first one is Badminton, and the second one is...whitewater rafting? :P

  • Zerofox Kitsune

    Badminton and...well, it looks like a two-person kayak, but since the paddles aren't double-ended...

    It's some type of rowing sport...hmm...either kayaking (with one ended paddles?) or rafting.

  • Tobi

    Badminton, and... canoeing? xP

  • kaiki

    Did anyone else imagine Anpan shouting "This ish Hawaii!" in the canoing sketch? =D

  • Cherry

    Badmington and Kayaking...?
    Why isn't the kayak the TwinkleBoat?
    Next generation of the TWNKLEmobile.

  • Watari Goro

    Late to the game due to our mainland trip and limited computer time (having too much fun with "Mrs. Watari", Miss J and Mr. D and da Mouse & Co.), but I'd say this is Badminton and kayaking, though, with single-sided paddles (the rougher-looking water leads me to think kayaking rather than sculling).

    Thanks for posting that pic of the kids! They really love those hats! Before our trip, they were wearing them everyday to their grandparents' houses and every night at home and to bed! So cool, those hats! As you said, "handmade, with love...and it shows!

    "Choco Ricky Shoyu!"