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Nemu*Olympics 2008 Poster

0 Ish Good!

Since KS worked hard to piece this together last night, we now have a poster of all 34 events + 1 extra of Sam and the pups from our Olympics Kick Off "strip"!


Our posters are 13"x19", printed on high-quality art paper! Please note me if you would like it signed!

$25 includes shipping
$31.00 shipping included

Please note that it will take us a couple days to mail out our posters as we print and spray seal them to ensure the best quality and longevity!

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6 Replies

  • Verity


    I think I might be interested in a poster, but it depends on the shipping costs. I'm living in England. Is it possible to post it there and if so, how much would it be in total for the poster with the shipping?

    Thank you!

  • ninj4

    awesome job, KimonoKitsy! hopefully you'll bring some on tour for sale, when you come to San Francisco in November. I'll definitely pick one up then =D

  • kitsy

    Thanks guys for the interest!

    I'll have a few on hand at APE in November - I'll probably do a call-out a few weeks prior to the event for any items folks might be interested in picking up from us. Stock might be limited, depending on how we can handle shipping all our goods up there.

  • ninj4

    hehe, not a problem. keep us posted =D

  • TempleDog

    TAEKWONDO!!! Thanks for putting the TKD panel in there...after the Cuban blackbelt blew his lid and roundhoused the ref (poor guy), the Kukkiwon could use a lil' something to improve their spirits. Kam sa ham ni da!

    T-Dog (TKD and Nemu fan, 2nd Dan Moo Doo Kwan)

  • Cherry

    Gotta have it.