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Sunday Sketch

0 Ish Good!

Although it was a killer hot day out, we took Roxy (a.k.a. "Sam") to the nearby dog park for some doggie socializing and drawing practice.

Can't say she had a great time, but I did get a few interesting doodles out of the experience. (Needless to say, Roxy isn't a very active dog... ^_^;;;)

Sketchy Sketch #1: Roxy/Sam
Pencil w/ light watercolor pencil washes.

I also spent some time this weekend with my uploading the full 34 Olympics Challenge drawings to the nemu gallery and our icon/avatar "storehouse" on photobucket, resized to 100x100px.

They make an interesting collage:

At least have few years to prep for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics! XD

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