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Confirmed for APE 2008!

0 Ish Good!

Great news!

sidebarads_ape08.gifWe just got the confirmation that we have a space at the Alternative Press Expo to be held in San Francisco's Concourse Exhibition Center on November 1-2!

This will be our first time attending and exhibiting, so if anyone who has been there before has some tips, suggestions or advice for us, we're all ears! We've also never travelled to SF in the Autumn... we might not even have proper clothing for the cooler weather. o_o;

From what we understand, this is the west coast's answer to indy art-based gatherings like MoCCA and SPX, so I'm busy working on a bunch of new projects to debut then. *crosses fingers*

For those interested in attending, they have open registration on their site. I believe table spaces for exhibitors have been filled and there currently is a waiting list. The admission is pretty affordable ($10-15 for the 2 day event) and FREE for attendees of San Diego Comic Con and comic shop owners! (What a great deal!)

I'll post more information as we near the date itself! Hope to see some of you there!

Sketch of the Day:


Nemesis & Sam! Col-Erase Light Blue and wooden pencils!

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4 Replies

  • ninj4

    Quote: "From what we understand, this is the west coast's answer to indy art-based gatherings like MoCCA and SPX..."

    You are correct. In which case, I assume you've already been to those, or know about those. Unfortunately, I have no further information or advice for APE =/

    But as for travelling around SF in Autumn =P Well, SF is SF, right there at the bay. It's always cool, between high 50's and low 70's, with a few exceptions of some weird warm/hot days. But no need to bring heavy wintergear -- just normal casual wear and windbreakers would suffice. Unless you don't like cool and cold weather, then bring a thicker jacket or 2, or a light sweater. In other words, dress warmly while packing light ^^ And of course, check the weather before you come =P See you guys soon!

  • Kitsy

    ninj4: Thanks for the travel tips! I'm guessing the temperatures drop quite a bit at night-time. XD;

    This'll be our first time hitting this type of con - personally, I have the most experience with west coast anime cons, so this'll be a new experience for the both of us. :D

  • ninj4

    hehe np ^^ it'll be a new con for me, as well. ah, and SF does get rather cold at night, yes ... even more so during Nov, as you get closer to Dec. Tell you what ... I'll be checkin the weather as well as we get nearer to Nov, and then I'll chime in again with some more travel tips! But please feel free to bring as much warm clothes as u want, as i don't want the cold to ruin ur travels =) keep u posted, and likewise ^^;;

  • Cherry

    Yay! Nemisis and Sam!
    Good luck KS and Kitsy at the Con!