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A Change for the Better? Thoughts.

0 Ish Good!

First off, let me make the official announcement!

Let the End-of-Summer Sale Begin!

We're blowing out select goods from our online shop - so this is an opportune time to jump in and grab some of our goods at discounted prices! Shirts, books, and even high-quality prints of our comics!

The sale will run until September 14th, so don't miss out! Please note - we have very limited quantities of some of our shirts and when they sell out, they're totally gone - and will not be reprinted!

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kana-manoafalls.jpgMany have been asking about the direction I've been taking with my latest strips and let me just start by saying - this is not a permanent change, but it's something that will be reoccurring.

This particular series of strips is focusing on Nemu's thoughts, dreams, and imagination. To best illustrate this idea, I thought about going completely lineless and simple. I had been toying with the style with my Hawaii story arc and a few other daydream sequences and thought it would be neat to explore it a little more in full strips.

anpan-surf.jpgIt has been a lot of fun to take Nemu out of the "real world" and just immerse him (and Anpan) in this imaginary world where toasters talk, fruit have feelings, and really- anything is possible. Fear not, I'll be revisiting these ideas in the near future as I have a few stories lined up for the next few chapters, returning to my usual lined style.

Sorry for the confusion! I really appreciate all the feedback! I'm always happy to hear what you think~

And I end with a little video montage created by NEENZ for super Venture Capitalist and Mac Evangelist Guy Kawasaki! Keep an eye out for Anpan & Nemu - it shouldn't be hard to spot them. ^_-

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4 Replies

  • tpiro

    Thanks for clearing that up. You were using similar "lineless" art for your PW ads and the banner on your site, so I thought maybe this was a permanent change. Kinda reminds me of Kawaii not. I'm enjoying this change of pace.

  • Kitsy

    Tony: Thanks! Scott and I both thought that these particular strips with the lineless art would be most striking for the ads~ It also turned out that they were easy to manipulate/animate. :D

    Meghan's Kawaii Not is an inspiration, for certain. But I also wanted to get some more practice in with colors - and matching and complimenting colors can be pretty difficult. XD; It's been good practice thus far! :D

  • tpiro

    I totally agree. Eliminating line art can be a great way to see if your color choices are working. In fact, I think there are many other analogous ways to get a better handle on your artwork including:

    Convert the artwork to grayscale - see if the coloring has enough contrast in brightness

    Eliminate the color and focus on line art - see if the lines have enough thickness variation

    Mirror image your artwork - make sure your artwork isn't being skewed by drawing with one had and using one side of your brain

  • Cherry

    Love the new style too. :P