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Episode 314 - Sneaky Toaster

Sneaky Toaster
September 3, 2008 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Nemu is still determined to watch Mr. Toasty pop the toast. Mr. Toasty decides to take matters into his own hands.

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14 Replies

  • Watari Goro

    LOL!A watched toaster never pops....

  • raven39

    That is sneaky. Nemu!, toast is up!

  • Kristina

    I'll bet that toaster is pretty proud of himself.. Lookout Nemu!

  • brian


    Got a plug in for nemu nemu on the JT's daughter gave it a glowing review.

  • clara

    More toaster strips, please! Toasters will always be my favorite kitchen appliance to watch! I admit to having watched the After Dark flying toasters screensaver with amusement. My boyfriend rigged his screensaver to have the toasters swimming in his aquarium.

  • kitsy

    Brian: Thanks for the heads up! :D We need to give proper thanks to the Gigcast guys as well~ ^_^

    Clara: OH! I remember those screen savers! The flying toasters and burned toasts we the BEST!

    I have to say - Mister Toaster isn't very nice sometimes.. but he sure makes bread tasty.. or should I say "toasty". XD

  • anpansama21

    Lesson for Nemu today: Never trust a toaster when it says there is a Double-Decker Grilled-Cheese behind you! LOL!

    Oh, and a message for Kyubikitsy and Kimonostereo: Where are Ani and Kana?! I miss them(considering I'm a boy.)!

  • Rae

    Kekeke! Sneaky toaster! My toaster does the same thing (without talking of course).
    Still watching
    "Damn it!>

  • Cherry

    You smart little toaster, you! XD
    Never trust a toaster.

  • Zerofox Kitsune

    Toasters will do anything to make you look away. Is watching toast pop out such a crime, Mr. Toasty?

  • schmuhsekater

    My toaster is the same...except for the talking.
    always poping when im not around

  • Breanne

    moohaha shneaky toashter!!!!

  • nfgjghjhkghj

    Anpan wouldn't have fallen for that one.

  • Aryka

    I love the expressions on Nemu's face as well as the one on the shilly, shneaky toaster's face in the last panel. :D

Webcomic Transcription

Sneaky Toaster

Panel 1: Nemu is sitting in front of Mr. Toasty patiently waiting for him to pop.

Panel 2: Mr. Toasty sees something behind Nemu and shouts it! Nemu gets excited to hear it!
Mr. Toasty: Oh my sweet bread! Is that a double decker grilled cheese sandwich behind you?!

Panel 3: Nemu turns around to take a look at the delicious sandwich Mr. Toasty says he saw...
Nemu: Really?! Nemu love grill cheese!

Panel 4: But as soon as Nemu sees that there is no sandwich, Mr. Toasty pops the toast!
Nemu: Where ish? Nemu don't see anythi...
Mr. Toasty: *POP*