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Getting the Word Out!

0 Ish Good!

I'm a little behind on posting the "news" here, but I have a few things to mention:

First off, nemu*nemu was reviewed on the GigCast, one of the longest running webcomic podcasts at 3 years! Listen in for a review of our comic by JT Shea's daughter and catch up on other noteworthy webcomic news!

Second, a (relatively) newly created webcomics listing at has opened its very first Webcomics Readers Choice Awards for nominations. If you feel so inclined, please sign up and nominate your favorite webcomics for the different categories! A nice feature of this particular "contest" is that you need to leave valid comments regarding your nominations. Competition is pretty stiff - anyone thinks nemu*nemu stands a chance? (*hinthint* ^___-!)

Also, don't forget that our sale is coming to a close on the 14th! Items have been moving out fast - a few larger women's sizes are dangerously low in stock. Also note - our 2008 designs (Peanut Butter Pirates, Nemu Can Has Grilld Cheez Pleez?, OMP!, and Panzilla) in women's shirts are sized smaller than usual. If you are usually a women's small, I suggest a medium, etc. Smalls are sized best for very slender and petite women/teens/children.

... and the latest scanned page from my sketchbook~
I actually finished my 11x14 sketchbook and now am back to my smaller ones for doodles. Just some seasonal sketcherdoodle ideas... I wonder if these will become something in the future. *ponder*

DailySketch2008-015.jpgColerase Red & Blue pencils, mechanical pencils

Have a great week!

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3 Replies

  • Rae

    Nominated nemu*nemu for best protagonist(s). I think my nomination got accepted; so best of luck to you guys and I hope you win!

  • Teresa

    When nominating for the Webcomics Readers Choice Award, they only allow 160 CHARACTERS to write why you nominate that particular webcomic. I found it EXTREMELY LIMITING when I wanted to say so much about Kitsy and Kimonostereo. So for all those who are planning to nominate nemu-nemu, choose your words wisely to make a good impact! Good luck to nemu-nemu, Kitsy and Kimonostereo. Great work and even greater people such as you two should be recognized.

  • Cherry

    I'll vote for you!!! :D