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Webcomics Call-out!

0 Ish Good!

I'm sad to say that as a webcomics artist, I am guilty of not reading many webcomics out there. I desperately need to expand my horizons, so to speak and read what's out there!

So, I put a call out to all you readers. As some of you are avid webcomics followers, I'm interested in hearing what your picks are! (Aside from nemu*nemu, which I thank you for~!)

Name me your top three to five webcomics, their URLs, and why you like them~

(I don't expect long answers - short and sweet is best!)

If you don't feel comfortable posting here, feel free to contact us via e-mail or comment form!

I look forward to your responses! (...and I look forward to a lot of late-summer reading! :D)

Update note:Thanks to everyone who sent in responses thus far! Our system tends to hold comment entries with links in a queue to prevent spam. If your comment is held, no worries, I'll publish it when I have the next available chance!

Again, thanks for your responses! I'm glad I asked!

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37 Replies

  • kaiki

    Top 3-5 in no order - Because the characters are shockingly realistic and there is alot of humor that is not forced. Everything about the comic is natural. - Because it is the best example of storytelling fit into a single page. - Because it has concepts that I have never seen before. Like Jesus as a dinosaur, a main character being JFK's assassin, god-pig, etc.

  • Chris Flick

    I have a long list of particular favorites when it comes to webcomics. None of these are in ant particular order but just random ones I enjoy:

    Girls with Slingshots

    You'll Have That

    Dandy & Company

    Commissioned Comic

    Life of Ronnie

    And, if I may be so bold as to toot my own little tricycle horn, if you like your superheroes with a very irreverent and slightly bizarre twist, you should check out my own strip... Capes & Babes.

    PS: I heard about nemu-nemu and you on a recent podcast that I listen to - it might have been Webcomics Beacon although I also listen to the Gigcast as well.


  • Amber Dinosaur Comics- This comic reuses the same panel but has hilarious dialog. Very creative. White Ninja- This comic is really old school but I still love it! It's really quirky and weird humor. The Perry Bible Fellowship - Amazing artwork and terrific, complex humor.

  • maiki

    One More Robot - I like it, and am also a creator. You will probably recognize some of the characters. _

    Penny Arcade - PA, keeping it real since forever.

    xkcd - Hilarious, sometimes painfully so.

    Dinosaur Comics - Some of the best writing I have ever seen, applied to the same six panels over and over again. Genius.

    Freak Angels - Just started reading this recently, I am hooked. This is good stuff. Hard sci-fi, not entirely happy stuff.

  • Nic

    1. - by Danielle Corsetto

    2. - by Jeff Jacques

    3. - Jennie Breeden - she reminds me off myself a lot of times

    4. - by Sarah Ellerton - Current comic is Phoenix Requiem, but Inverloch is also a great read.

    5. - by Nicole Chartrand - also check out some of her other stuff.

    All have great art and great story lines and all very different.

  • tpiro

    I twittered this to you, but I thought it might be more fun to share here:

    Bellen! - I find it very satisfying when a comic doesn't always have an obvious punchline. Bellen! is great for focusing on those quiet introspective moments in life.

    We the Robots - Great art style to go along with some great observations about the modern working life.

    Savage Chickens - Webcomics on post-it notes. This is one of those hilarious comics that we'll leave you wondering, where does this guy come up with so many great ideas.

  • ninj4

    My top 4, thus far (in no particular order):

    1) Tea Club >>
    I believe you two already know of this one, since it seemed like you knew each other when she came over to your booth at Fanime. ;P

    2) MegaTokyo >>
    The artwork has really improved since it started in 2000, along with a great storyline that keeps readers begging for more. It's an awesome piece by an American manga-inspired artist.

    3) VG Cats >>
    With all the tech-savvy storylines and punchlines, this is great fun for today's webcomic enthusiasts! (I even included my favorite strip, above!)

    4) nemu nemu >>
    'Nuff said. xD

  • tara

    Gunnerkrigg Court- - Wonderful art, fantastic story!!

    Rice Boy - - Great art, very surreal.

    Slow Wave - - Where a guy takes other people's dreams and makes them into comics. I laugh so hard I cry.

    Roza - - ASTOUNDING art, stories about a girl with a curse.

    Crowfeathers - - Wild wild west! With demons.

  • Sammy

    a cute webcomic about two kitties, ebenezer and snooch.
    Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures (cute anthros and such)
    Sequential Art- Kitties, Squirrels, Penguins, Platypus? Too good to MISS!

  • Ayaka

    I used to read a lot of webcomics and online manga; nearly all of them went defunct on me. Some disappeared and reappeared elsewhere under new names, some vanished into the night completely . . . you should always be proud of yourself for keeping at it!

    Buuuuut if you're up for a sort of steampunk fantasy manga (it has some BL but so far at least, nothing very racy), I will plug my doll acquaintance's series : She's a talented artist and has a very well-realized world.

  • Kicchu Inverloch is Sarah's completed story while her work in progress is the Phoenix Requiem. Both stories are nice and have gorgeous art. I absolutely love the characters and stories as well. Very professional(in my opinion) and I could just stare at the background art for hours. 8O It doesn't lack in story either. Chibi's! Need I say more? XD Stray's is relatively new, but has a lot of potential. Interesting story setup and art.

  • Sophia

    In no particular order:



    Least I Could Do

    Looking For Group

    The Order of the Stick

  • Zerodin

    Catena Manor
    Romanian Gothique(My own webcomic)

  • hannah

    1) Questionable Content

    2) Scarygoround

    3) Wapsi Square
    (This one has a very interesting way of mixing reality with fantasy and Aztec culture - though I have no way of knowing if the cultural references are correct!)

    4) nemu nemu :P definitely

    5) Penny & Aggie
    (It's a little bit like those old Archie comics, only with lots of truly mean girls thrown in.)

  • Arcys

    Hijinks Ensue - A geek comic by Joel Watson. A good, recent comic is Super-Herois a Linga da Injustica. Some of the names recently have been in Spanish, namely because one of the main characters is from Mexico.

    The Abominable Charles Christopher by Karl Kerschl - Story follows what Charles, the big-foot like main character, and his journey to do... something.

    Basic Instructions by Scott Mayer - Home of the World's Most Violent Logo, these instructions will help you through those most difficult of life's situations.

    Kukuburi by Ramón Pérez - Follow Nadia, Mister Bojangles, and la Brigade du Chapeau, in their battle against Zomg in the strange land of inbetween.

  • Amber

    I just want to go out and say that Ctrl+Alt+Del is universally considered one of the worst Webcomics around. The artwork is subpar, repetitive and boring. The story consists of typical characters and rehashed stories, and overdone really bad gaming jokes.

  • Jen

    Questionable Content One of the more well-known webcomics, QC has a weird sense of humor that I find incredibly amusing. The art is great, and the characters are incredibly well-developed.

    Cigarro and Cerevja Cigarro and Cerveja is a simple comic about a goose and a hare. While it seems at first like a childrens' story (talking animals), the characters are very "adult" (for example, their names mean "Cigarrette" and "Beer", respectively, in Portuguese". Cigarro is a selfish pessimist, and Cerveja is an eternal, naive optimist. Their conflicting personalities add to the story and make it feel more "alive".

    Girly One of the most random webcomics of all time. Josh Lesnick has a unique style that no one else can even come close to imitating, and it reflects the carefree and whimsical nature of the comic. Did I mention it was random?

    A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy I'm a little biased towards this one, since it's drawn by a real-life friend of mine. But PSI has a very clean, simply art style that doesn't overwhelm the eye, and is enjoyable to read.

  • Carrie

    The other three I read regularly are:
    - Bunny: Because it has bunnies and they are cute. Also it is quite satirical at times about Europe and the world.
    - Megatokyo: Others have mentioned it. It's got amazing artwork, and a good story, though it would likely take the longest to catch up on.
    - Questionable Content: Also previously mentioned, but I like it because it's daily, and it's got great characters. Disclaimer: it's not kid-friendly.

  • Aluria

    Only 3-5 huh? I read about 20 now...

    Real Life Comics: - hilarious

    Questionable Content: - good intelligent jokes

    Red String: - wonderful storyline

    Misfile: - original storyline

    Multiplex: - they make fun of movies, what's not to love?

    If you ever want more, I list and link to all the webcomics I read daily:

  • Reynard

    Gunnerkrigg Court, Dandy & Company, Questionable Content, VGCats, Two Lumps, DMFA and Cigarro & Cerveja have already been mentioned for all the right reasons.

    To these I would add:

    Kevin and Kell: One of the oldest webcomics. (It's 13th anniversary was Sept. 4.) A family-friendly mix of inter-species romance, anthro-humor and computer geekery.

    Slightly Damned: A cute Angel, an even cuter Demon, a snarky Jakkai, and a pet rock named Thadius...

    The Zombie Hunters: The Walking Dead are taking over the world, and a small band of survivors are fighting for their survival...and having a bit of fun looting as well... (Caution: Contains violence, gore and a lot of @#$%&*in' swearing.)

    The Book of Biff: Biff is a most unusual character who finds (or gets) himself in some most unusual situations.

    El Goonish Shive: High School can get very complicated when you have to deal with Evil, Magic, Human/Alien/Squirrel hybrids and an inanely stupid dress-code...

    And believe me; there are plenty more that I wanted to add to the above list, but I would be up all night if I had to type them all out...

  • Jeff

    I'm so sad no one's mentioned one of my favorite comics out there: Humor can be rather dark, but it appeals to the green rage in me. Saturday Morning Breakfast comics. Great little one panel comics in the same twisted humor I so enjoy Meredith Gran has a great art style and pretty catchy storylines. The spiritual sucessor to mac hall comics ( but more rooted in funny/interesting observations about SF bay area life and trying new art techniques.

  • Sophia

    Dear Amber,

    Why would you say something hurtful like that?

  • Amber

    Hurtful? I was criticizing a webcomic. It is really quite awful in my opinion and most real gamers consider it so. It's just another one that tried to ride on Penny Arcade's success. Heck, the creator rehashes the same facial expressions over and over again. The characters are completely flat and typical. There is way too much text and it takes too long to get to the punchline of a tired joke.

  • Zumanitarian

    The Devil's Panties
    It helped me find Jesus. He likes pot.

    Something Positive
    Bitterly cynical and funny. It's the nasty voice of honesty we all hear rattling around in our skulls.

    Girls with Slingshots
    The tagline really says it all. Two girls, a bar and a talking cactus.

    Khaos Komics
    Excellent art and compelling characters woven together in an interesting interlocking form of storytelling. It's gay...and I don't mean cheerful.

    A very high quality fantasy serial still celebrating a long run.

  • Jason Y.

    Megatokyo and Order of the Stick are definitely great! Adding some other favorites of mine that have gone unmentioned so far:

    Garfield Minus Garfield: Maybe more a good Photoshopping job than a webcomic, it's a fascinating study into just what happens when you erase Garfield from every panel but leave Jon in there. Plus Del Rey actually licensed it for a print collection, so there must be SOMETHING there. ^_~

    Medium Large: The current Sally Forth artist does some very, umm, NON-Sally-Forth-like strips and skewers pop culture in the process. (Warning: Contains some mature content.)

    Anime News Nina: Arguably some of the best dead-on commentary on the anime/manga industry and fandom in webcomic form today. Also, there's a cute blobby thingy that poops candy. Gotta love that.

    PvP: It may have lost some of its edge as it's gone on, but the early strips contained some biting satire about gaming and life in general. (Warning: Contains some mature content.)

  • Amber

    I completely forgot about Garfield minus Garfield! Haha! That is so great.

  • wen

    Actually, I would think its a good thing that you guys aren't well read in the webcomic world. After all, some of the best actors don't even own a TV or go to the movies.

    That said, when I have time, I waste it reading these:

    Nip & Tuck(2 country boys and a whole lot of trouble)/Tales of the Questor(swords & sorcery with racoons) plus others this guy is pretty prolific having serveral different strips going on. He updates the ones that get the most donations.

    Ozy & Millie - Whimsical, philosophical, and great art work.
    This one was a runner up in the Charles M. Schulz college comic awards.

  • Kristina : Cause we all love the mushy side to anime style comics :D : Victorian-era styled comic with a supernatural aspect. (And graphics so pretty it'll make you cry.) : Another romance-like comic.. war, girls going back in time through their dreams; and BIG dresses. Fun fun fun!

  • ShavingSheep

    Count Your Sheep

    It has a similar cuteness and sweetness as Nemu*Nemu

  • erikochan

    In addition to many of the great suggestions above, I also have some additional suggestions from artists I personally know. (Actually, you might know some of them too, Kitsy. XD)

    Rosemary's "Wild Toronto" nature/environment comics are a regular feature for the blog Some of them have also been reprinted in the Globe and Mail (a nation-wide daily newspaper here in Canada). She has discontinued these for now because she is going to grad school, but continues to post her own comics based on her experiences on her website "Bird and Moon". She is also a super nice person and I wish she didn't have to move so far away for her studies. :(

    Andy draws "Barbarian Diary" (among other things), which is just awesome. He updates it sort of infrequently, but each one is totally worth the wait.

    I really like Eisu's "No Pink Ponies". Unfortunately, this was his personal project so he has had to discontinue it (temporarily?) due to an insane schedule of f/t work and heavy amounts of freelancing. Still, there are ~2 years worth of Mon/Wed/Fri black and white strips, plus colour Sunday strips. Eisu also did the art for another webcomic called "Marry Me" which is still running.

  • iHustla

    Apple Geeks
    Shonen Punk
    random mode

  • MisoCheif

    XDD little late to comment on this but oh well... here is my top three

    1: "Las Lindas"

    I like this because the characters I can really get into their lives thus making me more interested in the comic. Also, I just like the Anthro Style of drawing and the way Chalo colors the characters. Although some of his comics are explicit [ewwwwww] so I tend not to read those ones.

    2: "Megatokyo"

    This is one of my favorites and like yours it is also published in books and that's how I found it. I got tired of waiting so I went online and found a whole database of his comics. I really like this one because it talks allot about geeky stuff like 8 Core Mac Pros and things like that and the humor I can really relate to it.

    3: "MAYA" The legend of Wolf"

    This one, I like the artists style of drawing manga style really interests me. The storyline flows well and the whole fantasy setting really interests me because it's like a whole nother' world when I read it.

  • Lili

    Count Your Sheep ( Very winsome and sweet... a little like Calvin and Hobbes, similar premise, but different atmosphere/tone

    Copper ( Also a bit like Calvin and Hobbes (what can I say, I'm a big Calvin and Hobbes fan). Great use of color, big panels

    Buttercup Festival ( Okay, this one is definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but I really do enjoy it. It's very philosophical, and the "punchlines" aren't very obvious or easy to get. If you're in the mood for something thoughtful, this is the place to go.

    PhD Comics ( This stuff is pure gold. You don't have to be a grad student to "get it" (I'm not), but it's probably funnier to those who are or are familiar with the whole grad school set-up.

    And of course, nemu nemu <3<3

  • Jim

    Wapsi Square - great characterization, strong ongoing story (often leaves cliffhangers over weekends), funny

    Questionable Content - funny writing, memorable characters

    Scary-Go-Round - if Questionable Content was British and dealt with the supernatural, it would look like this

    Misfile - good story, funny, Ash and Emily have a great dynamic

    Another great thing about these four is they're very good at doing their regular daily updates. There are some others as good that come and go with the wind. My favorite one of the irregulars is It only updates about once a month. Deep, philosophical, bizarre, and some of the best artwork out there.

  • Amber

    I almost forgot Kiskaloo! You guys will really like this one. It's by the guy who did Lilo and Stitch. About a little girl and her pirate cat. Very cute.

  • Cherry

    Well, some good ones are:
    Ugly Girl, it has original art and a cool story:
    but it's not updated too much ._.
    Teaclub, it has anime like art and a unique story:
    Strays, awesome art and story
    in no particular order.
    But even though it's breaking the rules...
    Nemu*Nemu is #1 on my list always!

  • Lee McIntosh

    I used to keep up with a ton of web comics before I realized just how much time I was wasting. So I narrowed it down to just a few:

    *Faux Pas
    About a farm that rents out animals for show biz...mostly focuses on the fox named Randy.

    *I haven't settled on a name for my comics yet...
    Most of them are about our dog Holly, but I've started drawing cartoons with mice lately that can be just about anything.

    And these are some Christian web comics:

    *After Eden

    *Church Mice

    *Mankind Toons
    Very well done!