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ARGH like a Pirate & the "primary" elections!

0 Ish Good!

It's Friday and from what I understand, we should all be "ARGH'ing" like pirates today.
piratedaypups.jpg So in that thar spirit of them peanut butter pirates, I salute all yer scurvy dogs. :D


Okay - back to the news as usual~!

We have a new poll running on our front page. KS and I have been having a hard time deciding which design to use, so we ask you - our readers and Henshin Rider fans: Help us choose our next t-shirt design!

Head design, full "chibified" body, or just plain ol' "Henshin" written across the shirt in bold text - just like how Ani sometimes wears. The colors of our shirts have not yet been decided and the scrawled, red characters for "henshin" will probably be replaced with a nice appropriate font - so please account for changes in our final product!


The poll will run for about a week 'cause we gotta get crackin' on the production, so get your votes in!

Lots more stuff still in the works and deadlines are coming up fast! Aie!

Have a great weekend everyone! ... and for those who live in Hawaii, don't miss out on your chance to vote this Saturday (if you're eligible, of course!)~ It really feels like a heated race for the mayor's seat! Let the best person win! :D

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6 Replies

  • kaiki

    I would rather have a t-shirt just like Ani's. Where there is no text on the sides of Rider's head. If you got rid of the text I would want Number 1 =D

  • chris

    i like all three. but i'm not too big a fan of the kanji.

    the henshin looks nice and high tech, but doesn't really sit well on its own i suppose as a shirt... unless you plan to have it look like a brand.

    "henshin; just morph it" :3

    or perhaps a combination of number 2 and have the text of 3 below it. like he's standing on it?

  • Kitsy

    Kaiki & Chris: Thanks for the input! The kanji was put in as a design "afterthought" I'll probably run a second poll shortly after to see if the added text is necessary/needed on the front.

    If we use the kanji, it'll probably be more like the blocky kanji featured on our previous Henshin Rider shirts from 2007 - not my foogly hand-writing. XD; I was also thinking of having "RIDER" typed underneath in "Civic"-like font. (from the Honda commercials. XD;)


  • HEidi

    Honestly i think you should take number one and put it on the back then put three on the front.

  • Cherry

    TOO HARD!!! I want them all @o@

  • Puppy

    i vote for number 3, the "Henshin" on the front in that font.

    then maybe you can put the japanese characters and the chibi at the back. that'd be so awesome, i'd order tons even if i'm all the way in the philippines. :)