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0 Ish Good!

I can't say it feels any closer to Autumn here, but I sure love looking at cooler weather clothes. :D (We just don't have any opportunities to wear them here until.. maybe.. January?)

Actually, I've been on a retro-fashion kick lately. I've been watching old Japanese pop stars live performance footage from the 1970- early 80's like Junko Sakurada, Momoe Yamaguchi, and Pink Lady on Youtube. I totally <3 the jumper dresses, go-go boots, carefully quaffed hair, and ruffled tops.. and totally synchronized song and dance routines. XD

Not that I'd wear it myself... So... the girls end up wearing them in my sketchbook. XD;

DailySketch2008-016.jpg DailySketch2008-017.jpg

Micron pens over red & light blue col-erase pencils, moleskine sketchbook.
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2 Replies

  • Veronica

    Those no-waisted jumper dresses are coming back in style. They're cute, but I'm with you- no way I'd wear 'em.

  • Reynard

    Wow, those '70s-to-early-'80s sketches sure take me back. (I was in my teens-to-early-20s during that period. Kinda dates me, huh?)