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Henshin Rider 2008 Shirt Design Update

0 Ish Good!

Many thanks to everyone who has participated in our poll thus far! I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions!

KS and I have been really mulling over the design over the past week. For design reasons, we're deciding to stick to the two basic styles Anise wears:


So, we're slimming down the poll choices to these:


"Henshin Head"

These are rough mock-ups on American Apparel models... but they show the colors we plan to use, including shirt style. No back designs this time, but the "Henshin Head" design will have a small "badge" on the arm with text (which we're still working on.)

For those who especially like the full-body chibi Henshin Rider, we will be printing vinyl stickers that will accompany the shirts in our pre-order~

This updated poll will run until the weekend, so get your votes in early!

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6 Replies

  • kaiki

    If I could change the design of option #2 I would do so in the following way, in order to make it more like Ani's.

  • myca_82

    =D like it Go! Go! Henshin Rider

  • Amber

    But I thought the chibi one had the majority of the votes?

  • kitsy

    Kaiki: Thanks for the suggestion!

    Amber: Part of the reason we had to move away from the full chibi version is that it would require 4-5 screens, which for a small run would drastically up the price per shirt. T_T; The Henshin head shirt currently requires 3 screens, using the shirt's gold to make up for a color, and removing the use of black by replacing it with blue.

    We're still looking into other printing options - I like the full chibi version and hope I can use it someday on shirt. T_T;

  • Amber

    I see, that makes sense.
    Now that I see it on the shirt, I really like the Henshin head one.
    It would be cool if you put the HENSHIN text on the back of that shirt maybe.

  • lindy

    I preferred the entire Henshin Rider character. The current design looks like an oncoming train.
    The gold color is unfortunate for many skin tones, perhaps the red or blue color would be a better choice for the background.