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Working with Sai Akashiya Watercolor Brush Pens

0 Ish Good!

Remember my post a while back about the Akashiya SAI Watercolor Pens?

Here's my latest attempt with Strathmore Watercolor Postcards:

SAI Watercolor Pens, Colored pencils, NeoPiko .1 Liners
Strathmore 140lb Watercolor postcard paper

The colors are actually more saturated/brighter than what you see here, as I painted directly to the paper in small areas and pulled color with a wet brush to create any softer color effects. (For best results, mix/dilute colors on a palette... otherwise you'll get dark spots, surrounded by softer color - not a nice gradation.) Our current scanner's not really the best at matching color, so things look rather hazy.

Overall, I still think it's a good set to have "on the go". It's a lot cleaner than carrying paint cakes or tubes. ^_^; I also use a Pentel Aquash Waterbrush filled with water (they come in various sizes too!), so I don't have to carry a small cup or container for water. So far, I haven't had any leaking issues.

I'm still testing out different paper types. So far, I've only used textured watercolor papers. I have yet to try smoother types. I'll report back on that when I have some examples to show. ^^

With that being said, I'll probably be carrying this set with me to events instead of my usual Copic markers and see how that goes.

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7 Replies

  • Tiff

    Heh... I've got several different waterbrushes, the pentel one is one of them that I haven't used. My favorite is the Kuretake... but I fill them with ink.

    I haven't found one that doesn't leak, but I have figured out how to stop the leak. Through various trials and errors... one of which was simply glueing the outside of the pen. ;)

    The best way to correct a leak. Seperate the pen from the brush. Squeeze the barrel as tightly as you can. Put them together while still squeezing the barrel. It will draw the excess water out of the sponge and allow you to work longer.

  • kitsy

    Tiff: Thanks for the suggestion! I have both the Pentel and Kuretake Aquash waterbrushes - both work well - although I've never tried filling them with ink! Is there a specific ink you use? I know they sell a particular style of brush pen that has an ink cartridge - but I'm never sure if they're waterproof or not?

    I appreciate all the tips!

  • GaBo

    I'm gonna have to start watercolor... You're pretty good at that. I must practice my skills at drawing! *Epic pose, but failure to grasp the concept of quality work, and thus fails to make a masterpiece*

    Yeah, you just wait... a loo~ng wait... I'll figure this out yet.

  • Tiff

    I believe I'm using Speedball carbon black or something like that. It's speedball and it's waterproof/dries fast, etc. It'll say what it is on the bottle. ;)

  • Reynard

    Unfortunately I have no drawing talent whatsoever; but I do know aritsty goodness when I see it, and yours is simply *AWESOME!!!* Keep practicing!

  • Reynard

    Sorry, that should be "artisty". (@#$%ed dyslexia... >_< )

  • Cherry

    That is AWESOME! :)