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Latest News: [Event 2018] Mid-Pacific Ho'olaule'a




0 Ish Good!

It's that time!

Our Henshin Rider Fan Club Special design is finalized and ready for preorder!

More information can be found on the actual pre-order page, but here are some of the basics:

  1. The design is based on Ani's own Henshin Head shirt!
  2. These shirts will only be available via pre-order and will NOT be reprinted.
  3. Each shirt will come with fan club exclusive items!
  4. The preorder will close on Wednesday, October 8th

Get your info and place your orders here!

Also, don't forget about our DEATH NOTE II movie ticket raffle! Everyone has a fair chance of winning two (2) free movie passes! The winner will be selected on September 30th!

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