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Tuesday Announcements!

0 Ish Good!

Hey everyone!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Death Note II: The Last Name movie ticket raffle! The winner was selected at noon HST via random number generator:

Death Note II Movie Raffle Winner   Number 25

Congratulations to Watari Goro!


In addition to this news, I also wanted to announce that one of our many side projects has just gone live: LOLpups

LOLPups Logo

This is KS' pet-project, a companion comic/site to nemu*nemu. Although most of the art will be still be done by me, all the comic writing will be done by KS - so you might see a totally different side to the pups~ :D The stories there won't have any bearing on what happens in the nemu*nemu time-line - think of it as an extra laugh on my days off. ^_-

It's still under heavy construction, but will start updating regularly soon!

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