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Latest News: [Event 2018] Mid-Pacific Ho'olaule'a



Guest Strip by Jaymee M. & APE Notice!

0 Ish Good!

Proper thanks might be a little late for Jaymee M., who graciously submit an uber cute guest strip this past Friday, but I just wanted to make sure I credited her properly. :D


Jaymee M. was originally a part of Monkey Ame, a 7-girl strong team of local artists KS and I worked with back in 2005, but has since moved on to bigger and better things at art school in California. :D

Although her work may not be entirely kid-friendly, some of her art is up for view at her deviantArt gallery.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the meanwhile, we are getting ready for the Alternative Press Expo (APE) at the beginning of November. We're working on a few new things to debut... but have run into a couple of speed bumps along the way... Nevertheless, we will make the most with what we've got. :D

Because this is a smaller event, we will be limiting the amount of merchandise we bring up with us. If you are interested in any prints, shirts, or hats, please contact us before-hand so we can set aside room in our luggage.

As a note, we will certainly have our books, pins, stickers, and a limited number of stuffed pups on hand. ^_^

For those in the San Francisco area, we hope to see you there! :D

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