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Guest Strip by Jeff Schuetze & Solo Talk

0 Ish Good!

Today's strip is by a fellow webcomicker with local (as in Hawaiian) roots! (...or at least through family relations!)

Jefbot-preview.jpgIntroducing Jeff Schuetze, the writer/artist of JEFBOT, a semi-autobiographical strip about his self-proclaimed "crazy family", pop-culture, and making it as a hapa actor in Hollywood. ("hapa" is a Hawaiian word to note a person of half/mixed race.)

His guest strip, "Flower Power", definitely rings true here in Hawaii. I'm not sure how far back the custom dates, but flowers worn over the ear usually mark if a person is taken or not - like wedding bands/engagement rings. It's a really casual thing, so most people don't take it too seriously if you place a flower on the wrong ear... or in your ear. ^_^ Some kids take it a little too far and put flowers on *both* ears... I wonder what that means...


In other news, I'll be doing a solo talk today, October 15th, at the SGT Yano Library at Schofield Barracks about webcomics! The "show" starts at 5pm, and I believe it's open to the public (not just military personnel). Drivers must show their license, car registration, and proof of insurance before entering the base.

For those who show up, you'll be treated to a sneak peek of a project we will be revealing in a few weeks. :D

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2 Replies

  • ColbyWolf

    Meep! Your links don't work! The ones you get when you click on the sample strips by Mr. Schuetz....

  • kitsy

    Thanks for the heads up! I've fixed the image link to Jeff's site~ Turns out I forgot to clean up some extra coding there. XD;