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SGT Yano Library Talk

0 Ish Good!

It's been a busy week - it usually feels like that when we have Monday holidays, I suppose.

As it was Teen Reading Week at the Schofield Barracks' SGT Yano Library, KS and I were invited as guests to talk a little about webcomics.


It was a solo run for me this time, as KS had some work conflicts. It was my first time on base, so it was quite a new experience for me! I was quite impressed with the libraries' facilities, complete with large reading rooms, typing rooms, flat screen tvs, and video conferencing areas!

The group was quite small, but very cozy~ Great questions all around and I got to share with them my latest project in progress. (Well, at least one of them...) You can check out my small collection of photos, courtesy of my mom, of the event.

We'll have a proper "reveal" once the finished product is in our hands. :D

Thanks to those who showed up on Wednesday!

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  • chris

    i know you're sitting... but your legs, and your body look so disconnected.

    voila, anpan magician strikes again!!