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My sketchbook (2008.10.20)

0 Ish Good!

Ah~ my sketchbook.

The weird thing is, I love looking at people's sketches and sketchbooks... and I do a lot of rough sketches, but the perfectionist in me is just uncomfortable with posting my own "chicken scratch" doodles. I just do brain dumps of weird designs I have in my head or possible story ideas... most of which never really come to fruition.

Then again, sometimes they do... (then I try to save them for the big "reveal" later. ^^;)

So my venture into daily doodles seems to come to a stand-still. I draw, but I can't always show what I'm working on... but not posting seems like I have nothing to show for.

So my question is as follows - do you mind if I post work here in this blog that not "specifically" nemu*nemu-related? They might be doodles around town, random character studies or sketches, experiments in style and the like?

I'll start with a few pages from my latest sketchbook:
DailySketch 2008.10.19

DailySketch 2008.10.19

DailySketch 2008.10.19

DailySketch 2008.10.19

Most of these were done a few weeks ago. (Some might recognize the subject matter. XD;) The top-most page was done this evening.


All of my public/posted sketches can be found in my "Sketches" Flickr collection~ (for future reference!)

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7 Replies

  • ColbyWolf

    I really like the idea of daily doodles, though...

    I don't think that non-nemu doodles should be REGULARLY posted in the Nemu-nemu news area. But I do know that I, and probably several other readers would still like to see them! (I often start reading a webcomic for the art, and remain interested in the art, outside of the webcomic. :) )

    I think you should make a seperate page, or blog-type thing either on the nemu website, or linked to on the nemu site, for your daily doodle thing. :)

    depending on how you decide to make the blog, you could 'tag' each entry, so that someone who wanted to see just the nemu related items could click on the 'nemu' tag and see them. :)

    But that's my though :D --I'd love to see the non-nemu doodles, anyway, one way or another. ^^

  • wen

    I'd love to see what ever doodles you're willing to share. Even if it's not Nemu*Nemu related one never knows if it might end up being so in the future. Either way, its always interesting to see what other things have gotten a creators attention.

    On, the other hand, maybe stuff like that should be saved for the next book.

  • Reynard

    OMP! That's some really good stuff! I don't really care about how you decide to share it (I leave that to you, the artist) but please share it more often.

  • kitsy

    Hey all~!

    Thanks for the input!

    Tell you what - I'll post in the blog the more nemu*nemu-relevant works and upload the rest of my sketches to the flickr collection. (Not to say I'll post as many as this all the time, but just to keep thing accessible.)

    Of course, I'll still have my stash of secret sketches for the next volume as well~ ^^

  • Geri-chan

    Sounds like you already reached a decision, but I just wanted to say that I'd love to see any of your sketches, Nemu-related or not. And I especially love the little Sherlock Holmes Anpan and Nemu doodle--I would love to see the pups playing detective! ^_^

  • Ima Peccable

    I also enjoy looking at others' sketches and often begin reading comics if I like the way they're drawn, then continue returning for that reason mainly!
    Seeing the way others draw becomes inspiration for me as well.
    I agree with ColbyWolf's ideas too and am glad you'll be posting your sketches in Flickr!

  • Cherry

    OMP! Is that girl with the short hair a new character in the making? :O