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My sketchbook (2008.10.21)

0 Ish Good!

Some newer pages from my sketchbook~

I have 2 books I'm concurrently drawing in - one is a moleskine sketchbook with smoother, yellowish paper that fits nicely into my handbag and is best for pen/ink sketches. The other is a standard-style B5 sketchbook I bought in Japan back in 2002 from Tokyu Hands, which I draft all my loose and rough pencil sketches. The paper has a nice "tooth" to it, so it handles even light washes of watercolor nicely.

DailySketch 2008.10.20

DailySketch 2008.10.20

I just love collecting art supplies... and sketchbooks are no exception. Do you have any favorites? ^^

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6 Replies

  • Anna

    I'm a sucker for stationary =) I absolutely love pencils and paints and things...but journals and sketchbooks have to be my faveroites ^^ I love the way they speak of stories unwritten, pictures yet to be drawn...^^

  • Tiff

    I love paper. Specifically very smooth paper.

  • Angela

    Those look like they'd be awesome new pins...! :D

    Heehee! :)

  • Naktarr

    Stationery - and stationery/ graphic art supply stores - are great fun ^^

    My favourite paper to sketch on is A3 Bank in a pad form (so I can rip out the pages and roll them up into tubes - space saving ftw!)

    My favourite pencil is a green or blue progresso but it runs out so fast that I stick to average coloured pencils normally.

  • Ash

    My favorite kind of stationery would probably be Japanese mechanical pencils. There's a lot that are ergonomic, as well as soft on the hands! However, they're quite expensive, ranging from $8-$13. :O I have this special sketchbook I use for drawing. I got it a long time ago and didn't really put it to good use until now.

  • catalina

    idk about books but my friend and i love the copic papper from hawian graphics.