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Last Minute APE prep

0 Ish Good!

AniMonkey.jpg Well, Ani might be "monkey-ing around", but KS and I have been pretty busy these past couple weeks prepping for APE!

We leave this week Thursday for California, so if you plan to be there, come and find us as table #440 under "KimonoKitsy Studios LLC".

Again, if you are attending and are interested in any shirts, hats, or specific prints of either artwork or select strips, please contact us before Wednesday. Use our contact form and just write in the comment form what you are interested in, size, count, etc.

If you are interested in a commission/drawing from me that is something OTHER than the nemu*nemu cast, please bring references. My memory doesn't get much better with age and I don't like to disappoint.

Speaking of AGE, I just hit the big 3-0 today! It's been a long time coming and somehow I never thought I'd live to see the day. o_O;!

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11 Replies

  • Yvonne

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • hamuko

    Happy Brithday,Kyubikitsy!
    I hope you will be happier.

  • Sonja

    Happy Birthday!
    I started following Nemu Nemu a couple of weeks ago thanks to a link on KawaiiNot, and I'm in love. <3

  • kitsy

    Thanks guys! :D It looks to be a pretty great day! ^_^

  • GaBo

    Happy birthday to you~!

  • Reynard

    Happy belated Birthday! Hope you have fun going APE!

  • Anna

    Happy birthday! Make sure to eat lots of chocolate, cake, and other unhealthy things! ....oh, and some carrot sticks to make up for it ^^

  • satlu

    Happy Birthday Kitsy!!!

  • evil dr webbwerx

    I hit 30 a bit a go. It was scary I totally understand. but honestly it doesn't feel all that different.

  • Konachan918

    happy belated birthday!!!

    see you at APE!

  • ninj4

    Happy belated bday, kyubikitsy!! And how awesome is that -- ur bday is only 4 days after mine =D I'll definitely member it now xD

    In other news >> SF weather report, before you come over 2mrw: As much as I hate being a killjoy, unfortunately this weekend will be a wet one. Temperatures ranging from 61-68 daytime, 54 - 61 nighttime. As such, please be sure to pack umbrellas and windbreakers as there could be winds up to 17 mph. But then again, you'll be indoors most of the time, so you should be fine. Would've been nice if it was more enjoyable, tho =x *ahem* Anyways, see u guys soon, KKS! =]