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Latest News: [Event 2018] Mid-Pacific Ho'olaule'a



Riders Unite!

0 Ish Good!

The moment has finally arrived!


The Henshin Rider F.C. shirts have arrived and they look great!


We're still waiting on a few things that will be inserted with the official F.C. package, so we won't be mailing these out until post-APE. Thanks for your patience everyone ~ I hope it will be well worth the extra wait!

Nemu-Nasu1.jpgIn other news...

Thanks everyone, for your warm birthday wishes! Hitting the Big 3-0 is a milestone of sorts and I hope to make this decade better than the previous 2. XD!

Some friends sent in some really cute birthday wishes~ to the left is from Hikaru, one of the Monkey-Ame girls, currently away at art school. :D There's a whole story behind Nemu and the なすマン (eggplant-man), you should "read" it here at Hikaru's blog~! XD

... and an UBER cute fanart of Nemu from the equally-UBER-talented Phi:


Thanks so much again~! :D

It's back to packing and APE prep for me! For those who will be attending, I hope to see you there! :D

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