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APE '08 Aftermath

0 Ish Good!

We survived and made it to the end of APE on Sunday! The heavy rains put a damper on things on Saturday, but things cleared up for Sunday and all in all, we had a pretty decent experience.

Thanks so much to everyone who braved the elements to say "hi" to support us! You folks really made our days brighter and kept us going. :D

We also had the privilege to meet with fellow comic creators whom we've only met online, but never in person. I'm sad to say that we didn't quite catch everyone, but of those who I spoke to, they were all really nice folks. ^^ I'll be doing proper shout-outs and my event report with photos once I have proper internet and computer access.

We'll be back in the studio on Wednesday~ thankfully we have a few days to relax and catch up with some familiar faces in this neck of the woods. Whee!

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