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Fro-Yo Goodness

0 Ish Good!

We are finally back from San Francisco! Our flight was delayed a good 8 hours due to engine problems - so far as flying out 30 minutes and turning back around. It was quite the adventure to say the least. ^^;

Things are rather... messy at the studio for the time being. I haven't grabbed all of KS's photos yet and we're still attempting to catch up to everything, so the event report may have to wait till the weekend.

Our Usuals....

In the meanwhile, we have a photo or two of our recent stop at our local fro-yo place, Yogurtland. They opened this past year and have been pretty busy every single time we drive by. This includes morning and late evenings...

So, yes - our latest strips are very much based on this favorite snack stop of ours~ :D Many apologies to those who were confused by what "fro-yo" stood for - it's "frozen yogurt". I've heard a number of people use the term lately and thought it was common-place. ^^;

The neat thing about this particular place is that it's self-serve, so you can choose as many flavors they have and put as much as you'd like (or can afford!). Toppings include fresh fruits, syrups, nuts, cereals, chocolate chips, sprinkles, mochi... the list goes on and on. You just have to watch how much you put in your cups since it adds up fast and they charge by the ounce.

You can pretty much see all my favorite things in my cup - strawberries, kiwi, gummy bears, mochi, rainbow sprinkles, Lucky Charms marshmallows over a variety of sweet and sour fro-yos. I think today I got boysenberry, strawberry, plain tart, green apple tart, and this orange creamsicle flavor. Nyama Nyamas!

Tagging Along

More later!

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5 Replies

  • Konachan918

    zomg lucky star topping!!!

    there's a frozen yogurt place near my school (unfortunately not self-serve) where the give you A LOT of ice cream for very cheap. i usually get the "mini" which is a tiny cup, but they fill up the frozen yogurt to about at least 3 inches high from the top of the cup.

  • reynard61

    In my area we're limited to a small Latino mom-and-pop store that sells it only in the summer. (June thru Sept.) It's pretty good, but rather expensive at $2 per cup.

  • GaBo

    I've never really had frozen-yogurt before. Around here we just have rain.

  • Anna

    I'm so opening a fro-yo store. Australia is a sucker for ice-cream--the only frozen yogurt place I know of is an icecream store that just happens to have some on the menu XD

  • pili

    OMG! i just went there i love it!!!!!!!!!!!