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[Event Report] APE 2008

0 Ish Good!

The Alternative Press Expo (affectionately referred to as "APE") is the smallest of the three Comic-Con International events, usually held in the Spring. It's the west coast mecca for small and independent press folks (like us!) - think a giant artist alley of all sorts. Supposedly due to scheduling conflicts at the Concourse, it was pushed back to November for the first time.

We vendors were invited to a little mixer held at the Last Gasp - which I assume is either a warehouse for comics or a shop - a slight distance away from the Concourse. We stayed long enough to take some photos of the place and pick up our badges before things got too crowded. (We were also a bit exhausted from all the flying and driving around the city, so retreated back to our hotel early.)

APE Day 1 was... epic, and perhaps not in the best of ways. For a city that remains relatively dry all year, the heavens literally opened up and rained upon the event the full day. Some exhibitors and most attendees were soaked through and through - and the hall which is large and mostly open-aired became extremely warm and humid. o_o

Regardless, everyone remained pretty optimistic~!

The Concourse
The Concourse Floor

We were sandwiched between two great artists: Lark Pien to our left and Donnachada Daly to our right! Lark is best known for her "Long Tail Cat" comics and whimsical miniature oil paintings. Donnachada is a former animator who is promoting a new type of art that allows you to see 3D without the funky glasses!

Day 2 - Fish Eye Row

I don't think we could have asked for better neighbors!

Throughout the con, we also saw some familiar faces from Fanime:

Ninja & Kunoichi  BentoBox Bobby & Crew

And met up with some online peers:

Debbie! Tony Piro
Malki! and Aaron Diaz Hero Pose!
Meredith on Day 2 Totoro Forest Project & Out of Picture

Mike Dutton

Row 1: Debbie Huey of BumperBoy, Tony Piro of Calamities of Nature
Row 2: Malki! of Wondermark & Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak, Javier Hernandez, Michael Aushenker, and Ted Seko - all stand-up comic artists
Row 3: Meredith Gran of Octopus Pie, Scott Morse, Enrico Casarosa - organizers of the Totoro Forest Project, & Out of Picture (sorry! I didn't catch his name!)
Row 4: Mike Dutton of One Swoop Fell
Things definitely cleared up on Sunday and it was a much more comfortable day in the Concourse. :D

There were so many more people we bumped into and met over the course of the event, but didn't get photos of... and there were even more people that we didn't quite have the opportunity to meet. *sadness!*

Despite the bad weather, we both walked away from the event feeling very inspired and excited to try new things~ ^_^ Some pups found great new homes and we hope to have found a few new readers as well!

For all these APE 2008 photos (and more!) visit our APE '08 flickr collection!

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8 Replies

  • tpiro

    Thanks for sharing! That really was a great time. I enjoyed meeting the two of you. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long until the next meeting.

  • Anna

    Hey, the store looks awesome ^^ Glad you had such a great time =)

  • Lollie Kins

    I wish they held those events in PA.... There's rarely anything fun related around Cambria County.

  • GaBo

    I would love it so much if they held these sorts of rvents in Oregon.

  • tpiro

    There is one in Oregon. The Stumptown Comics Fest:

  • ninj4

    Noooooo! I am no longer shrouded in secrecy D: hahahah nice pix, tho xD glad it was a good experience overall ^^;; and yes, see u guys again at Fanime =D

  • Konachan918

    lol. me = kunoichi V^_^

    See y'all at Fanime!

    btw, since you guys went to J-town, did you get crepe from that one place by the bookstore?

  • Mike Dutton

    I'm glad the camera didn't catch me sweating bullets trying to draw in your book!

    It's been said in different channels already, but once again to make it even more official: It was awesome meeting you two!

    And btw, do look into Stumptown. I'm gonna do my best to go!