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Introducing the Mimpii Club!

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Mimpii Club!

Kana's a big fan of them, Nemu loves them too. Anise... let's just call her a closet fan, and Anpan just outed her. :D

Sketch of the current incarnation of Kana's Mimpii Club from Volume 2

Okay, so a real "Mimpii Club" may not exist, but the concept is based off a rotating Japanese girl-idol group called "Morning Musume". True, there are many versions - past and present, but they're the most recognizable.

Concept is pretty simple - gather a few girls of various talent, style, and personality. They're trained and groomed for stage and television performances. As they grow and develop their stage personas, they eventually graduate to solo careers, move on to other entertainment-related jobs, or leave the industry entirely to live normal lives.

A variety of Morning Musume single commercials

New members are added each year (or so) through audition processes held throughout the country. The finalists are often sent to a training "camp" where they are taught specific dance routines and songs and judged on their final performances.

A 6th Gen. Morning Musume auditions montage video

I guess you can say I'm a "fan"~ I don't claim that their singing or dancing is the best (in fact, it sometimes drives KS- the resident musician here- crazy), but I appreciate their on-camera/on-stage energy and upbeat cheerfulness. I usually listen to Hello! Project (the umbrella "company" for this particular line of girl-idols - there are similar boy-group companies like "Johnny's Entertainment") music when I work on inking and digital coloring to keep me energized. (Sounds strange, but it works.)

As for where the name, "Mimpii Club" came from.. that's another story...

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2 Replies

  • chris

    oh but the girls are so cute! :3

  • wen

    There used to be a spin off Hawaii version called Coconuts Musume. It was all girls from Hawaii thus the 'coconuts' name. Unfortunately, compared to the main Musume group their success was limited and recuiting new members hard since some didn't speak Japanese and didn't adjust well.

    The concept works in other countries too. Like S-Club in the UK and long running boy band from Puerto Rico, Menudo.

    The closest thing in the US was the short lived new Micky Mouse Club in the mid-90s which gave us the likes Britney, Christina, & that Timberlake guy.

    Yes, yes, i know TMI. ;)