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The Holiday Season has begun...

0 Ish Good!

DailySketch 2008.11.16
First off!

KS and I were featured in this weekend's edition of the GALLERY on the Anime News Network! We had the pleasure meeting columnist and translator, Evan Miller at APE, earlier this month.

(He is a great and very personable interviewer, BTW! Thanks Evan!)

Read in for more of our background as artists and even a little about how KS and I met. XD;

* * * * *

The Holiday Season must be in full effect... I've been hearing Christmas music playing round-the-clock on one of our local radio stations since Friday. (I thought they started this AFTER Thanksgiving???) Sales are in full force at the malls and newspapers are advertising "Black Friday"-type blowout deals.

I am... overwhelmed. *__*!

Just a reminder, our holiday sale runs from now until December 12th! Shirts, books, prints - all on sale at rock bottom prices!

Also, we have a slew of new pins in our shop for sale! W00t! We were going to hold them for debut at the Winter Holiday Fair on Thanksgiving weekend, but it looks like 'tis the season for "anything goes!"

Pins 2008-2 Shirt-2008.CN
New pins... and what's this??

More on that... very soon~ ^_^!

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2 Replies

  • Anna

    Aaa! Every time I save up a decent amount of money, you guys bring out new merchandise XD Oh well, better get my wallet out =P Those new badges look awesome! And what's this fabric-looking thing? =D

  • Kitsy

    Anna: It's not intentional! We promise! ^_^;

    We have a new shirt debuting for pre-order shortly~ keep your eye out for our post!