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Cup Nemu!

1 Ish Good!

So the mystery image I alluded to in a previous post is none other than our latest nemu*nemu t-shirt design, "Cup Nemu"!

We had prepared to debut this design at the Hawaii United Okinawa Association Winter Craft Fair over Thanksgiving weekend, but as this is a much smaller order than prior ones, we decided to open orders to you, our readers, first.

All our shirts are currently on-hand and ready to be shipped once any orders come in. So, it's technically not a "pre-order", but perhaps more like a reservation.

For more information, click here or follow the "Cup Nemu Pre-order" link on our front page!

On a more "somber" note, we may be switching to these type of orders for up-coming designs and merchandise as these recent, tough economic times are seriously tightening our budget strings. T_T

We sincerely appreciate your support!

Also, a quick note to Henshin Rider F.C. shirt orders - thanks so much for your patience! We are still waiting for the last order to come through so we can pack and send out your shirts! *chomping at the bit* I hope you will find the extras included will be well worth the wait!

I almost forgot to mention! We were mentioned in Deb Aoki's article on! We're long-time fans of Deb's work (She's an accomplished local cartoonist! In fact, her comic in the Honolulu Advertiser inspired me to start drawing comics back in 1997~) and love reading her column!

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