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Pankaida - UNITE!

0 Ish Good!

Pankaidas - UNITE! Pankaida Brothers, UNITE!

KS made this cute little set up late last week while he was recovering from his cold/flu. One of the real Kikaider brothers (Ban Daisuke) held a meet & greet signing at Ala Moana's Shirokiya this past Sunday. We were too busy to actually attend, but we had to pay some sort of homage to the original "Henshin Rider". :D

Yes, those are gashapon bubbles on their heads... ^_^;

Also! We've had some unexpected mail this past week~! (My current work scanner isn't the best with colors, so I just took photos instead!)

Nemu & Butterflies Birthday Card 2008 - Interiors
Nemu & Butterflies from Luke S. & a birthday card from Rachel Y.

Catch more awesome fan art in a new flickr collection we just set up for easy viewing! Thanks again for these welcome surprises! ^_^

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